Helpful advice to those who will taste the Chinese cuisine


1. In Beijing, you can eat at the 10 and 1,000 yuan. But usually, the prices depend not only on the quality of the food, but on the situation and the “coolness” of the restaurant. The restaurants in the two

These different Chinese goods


The first thing you must learn to everyone who decided to buy something in China – products are different. Rooted idea of ​​China as a country of low-quality goods, it is not true. China and are true to his principle

Helpful advice to those who packs a suitcase


China is very large and it all depends on what money you have and what you expect from the trip. From the rest of you get the most pleasure from communication with nature, sightseeing or walking through the bazaars and

Meet China beach!


For natural beauty tropical island of Hainan is called the second Hawaii. Hotels on the island are located in the two bays – Sanya (lower prices, simpler hotels) and Hollow (entirely impressive five-star hotels and prices).