What to buy in China


Since ancient times, China is world famous for its precious silk fabrics. Merchants from all over the world fought for the opportunity to trade it in silk. Today, anyone can buy this delicate tissue, with very inexpensive.

What to see in China


China – a huge country with a million people, the unique history, ancient traditions and unique nature. What to see in China to remember the country permanently?

What to bring from China


Going to the Far Eastern countries, we think – what to bring from China, because you want to bring a gift close-quality souvenirs and household items. Let’s try to figure it out in advance.

Where better to relax with the kids in China


China enjoys great popularity among domestic tourists. Guided Tour in the country, provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the wonderful Chinese culture and history, as well as carefree a rest on the shore of the South China Sea. Among

Where better to relax in China


China – a huge country and in order to know where to rest in China, you need to understand where and what time of year to travel. Vacation in spring or autumn in China – the perfect time for sightseeing,

Where to rest in China


Ancient history and civilization, is not here to hit every tourist dreams, where you can touch the sky, going to the mountains Ulinyuan where the shooting took place the famous film “Avatar.” The mysterious and unshakable China attracts travelers from