Imperial Temple of Heaven in Beijing


It is known that the area of ​​China is about 6% of the land, and the area is equal to the total area of ​​China in all European countries. This could not but affect the diverse and rich cultural heritage

What to buy in Hainan?


Shopping is not a priority recreation in Hainan, but there are enough shopping centers, markets and shops where you can buy gifts for friends and family, as well as souvenirs. The most popular products, which are usually brought from the

What to do on your vacation on Hainan?


On the island of Hainan there is such an abundance of cultural and historical attractions, such as Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai, but this is more than compensated by the mass of natural beauty.

Activities on the island of Hainan


The magnificent tropical island of Hainan is a separate province of the People’s Republic, especially popular with beach lovers surrounded by unique flora and fauna. In addition, fans arrive here diving and families with small children, as the true island

Weddings in metropolitan areas and not only


In addition to the hot island of Hainan, some couples choose the place for the ceremony the Chinese capital. In Beijing, there are no beaches like in Hainan, but the city mozhnet boasts a huge number of historical sites, which

Wedding in China


In recent years, more and more enamored couples decide to get married in the most unusual places and exotic countries. In addition to popular destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Thailand and the Maldives, many newlyweds opt for their ceremony,