The tour of the Forbidden City


Besides the main buildings of the Forbidden City in Beijing deserves particular attention of tourists and Museum, which houses an extensive collection of art objects. According to the inventory, in 1925 the museum store more than one million items collected

Forbidden City in Beijing


One of the essential places to visit in the Chinese capital is the most famous and largest palace complex from all over the world – Forbidden City Museum in Beijing. This palace was the residence of twenty-four powerful rulers of

Shopping in Manchuria


China Manzhouli is a small border town, which is a major center trade. Today, Manzhouli is an amazing symbiosis of Asia and Europe, is talking about even the local architecture – stricter building in a restrained European style decorated with

Silk Road, tea and calligraphy


Unusual museum is famous not only Shanghai, but also a number of other cities in China. We can not say on the Silk Road Museum (117, Xiongguan road, Jiuquan city, Gansu province, China) in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.

Unusual museums in China


China can not fail to amaze and surprise. Everyone who comes to China, here is something that would always be surprised. It does not mean necessarily that the majority of travelers will be impressed by the Great Wall of China

What to bring to China


If you are going on a journey to a distant and mysterious China, with a cost to take such necessary items as sunglasses and sunscreen, a first aid kit with a minimum set of drugs (broad spectrum antibiotics, antipyretics and