Meet China beach!


For natural beauty tropical island of Hainan is called the second Hawaii. Hotels on the island are located in the two bays – Sanya (lower prices, simpler hotels) and Hollow (entirely impressive five-star hotels and prices).

Sanya is located near the city of Sanya. Hollow – on the contrary, distant forty-minute ride from the city. Here you will not find locals selling fruit and colonial goods – will take care of superiors hotels.

By the way, if you stop your choice on Yalong note – there do not offer the program “all inclusive” – ​​breakfast only. So you have lunch and dinner either at your hotel or in neighboring ones. After all, to the nearest restaurant you have to go at least half an hour …

In Hainan beat therapeutic radon sources, so you can spend the prevention of certain diseases, particularly skin and musculoskeletal system. One of the hotels – Hot spring (“hot spring”) is considered a paradise for women. It offers all spa-treatments (massages, baths, wraps), plus all kinds of oriental massage and natural cosmetics. The average cost of spa-hour procedure 15-20 dollars.

Excursions are plenty, they are mainly devoted to the beauties of nature – Monkey Island, a mini-zoo, a museum pearl.You can have fun, and scuba diving and sea fishing. By the way, in Hainan have excellent golf courses and Olympic-level shooting.

The best time of holiday on the island – from mid-December until the end of August. But note that in late February, celebrated the Chinese New Year (a week). On Hainan gather to celebrate the “new Chinese”, and the prices soar wildly, per night in a hotel paying $ 600 and up.

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