Popular venues and procedures spa in China

One of the most popular spa centers in the city of Sanya on the Chinese island of Hainan is a San Yi Tang, where tourists podlozhat wide range of services. It enjoys great popularity here detox body wrap, which is a whole body warms wrap with extracts of ginger, pepper and cloves.

This procedure improves blood circulation, relieves muscle pain and helps metabolism. After wrapping is nice to go to a traditional Chinese massage Tui Na. This power massage appeared in China more than 2000 years ago, combining the use of a special technique and healing aromatic oils. The Chinese spa visitors often ask, and the procedures for the care of his back to relieve fatigue and pain in muscles from prolonged sedentary work. Such procedures usually take place in three stages: an herbal cleansing scrub, massage and wrap the power of herbal which to relax and relieve muscle tension. If aching joints and headaches recommended special Boreh Body Mask using the herbs, preserving a certain body temperature. As for the cost of the procedures in the spa of China, watch a traditional Chinese massage, relieve fatigue, will cost an average of 200 yuan, complex procedures, including a visit to the mineral baths and subsequent massage costs about 320 – 370 yuan two hours. The famous Gua Sha massage, reducing blood circulation and relieve fatigue and muscle pain, will cost tourists in Hainan spa 120 yuan for half an hour.
Special SPA tours to Hainan organized mostly in Mandarin SPA, where a facial massage with aromatic oils is 260 yuan per hour, fruit mask, removes dead skin cells and restores the water balance are also 260 yuan, an aromatic body massage – 380 yuan per hour, and the hot stone massage – 580 yuan for a half hour. The popular Boreh body mask inside the Mandarin SPA offer for 380 yuan per hour and 150 yuan, you can treat yourself to restoring hair mask, which strengthens the hair roots and makes hair more vibrant and shiny. Also in this spa are offered in Hainan and complex procedure lasting two or three hours. The two-hour packages cost between 380 yuan for flower bath, and several types of massage or bath and body mask to 800 yuan for complex “Imperial Beauty” that includes a flower bath, aromatherapy body massage and a mineral mask for the whole body. Three-hour systems are 680 – 900 yuan and include four to six different procedures.
Often destination for spa tours to China tourists choose Yalong Bay, which even the Chinese call the first Gulf China or simply a paradise on earth. This area is striking in its pristine beauty, amazing beaches with white sand and crystal clear water. Here it is concentrated as independent salons, and SPA in the four – and five-star hotels. One of the most popular is a spa center at the hotel Gloria Resort. The lounge offers a variety of massages from 488 yuan for aromatherapy massage, Thai, Swedish or foot massage to 700 yuan per session upscale Chinese massage performed by the best specialists in their field. Body scrubs are worth an average of 500 yuan, restore or detox body wraps – 550 yuan, bath at 188 yuan, and the complex procedures of the 500 yuan up to 1 888 yuan for treatments for two people.

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