At the spa treatments in China

Fashionable and popular in recent years, the word SPA, which means sanus per aqua, translated into Russian as “health through water”. This concept is known since time immemorial, when various ailments and illnesses were treated with thermal baths.

Today SPA is a complex procedure for the face, body and hair with the use of therapeutic mud, mineral water and medicinal plants. Such procedures not only promote deep relaxation and relaxation, but also to activate the metabolic processes in the body, improve blood circulation and beneficial effect on the condition and appearance of skin and hair.

Spa in China

Especially popular in recent years have been used not only excursion or more specific gastronomic tours to the mysterious China, but also special spa tours aimed at visiting the most popular profile of salons and the passage of the necessary procedures. The fact that Chinese medicine has long intrigued and interested residents of Western countries, as there was a few thousand years ago and is famous for its truly wonderful properties. Spa treatments in China are different from the usual for most of us, as throughout the world, such procedures are based on water treatment, and in China used the water from the potassium-sodium and radon hot springs. By the way, the views of the latest odds from enthusiastic to sharply negative due to their nature and weight of contraindications. However, the fact that the trip to China for the beauty is growing interest can not be denied. Due to the fact that in such salons in China combines both modern scientific and cosmetic advances, and ancient tradition, the spa at least restore the nervous system, soothes and helps to achieve harmony and restore the body to health and beauty.
One of the most popular procedures in the Chinese spa and large specialized centers is a massage gua shek, whose name translates literally as’ to scrape off all the bad things. ” The history of this type of massage has to date more than four thousand years – the first time it began to apply in the years in power, the Yellow Emperor in 2600 BC. In this massage using special bone and jade blades that massage therapists, as it were scraped off the negative energy pressing on certain points of the body. Also known and independent massage jade, which has beneficial effects on the human endocrine system and helps to restore and strengthen the immune system. We know that in ancient China, the Empress Jade Six day doing facial massage, so that, according to contemporaries, to a ripe old age remain young and beautiful. In fact, many salons offer customers in China a special set of procedures called “Feel like an empress.”Typically, these packages include a visit to herbal steam room, massage, flower bath and facial and neck. We end this procedure a special massage “Imperial bags” hot fission herbs. These bags rolled on certain parts of the body for maximum relaxation. Sometimes visitors will also receive a free souvenir from the spa – pearl powder particularly popular in Asian countries. Protein conchiolin contained in this powder is a source of amino acids beneficial to the skin, which are actively moisturize skin and fine wrinkles are aligned.

Mineral and radon baths

The most popular spa centers in China are on the island of Hainan is also known for its stunning beaches and picturesque nature. Due to its geographical location, Hainan is also called the Chinese Hawaii, where even in winter, tourists can swim and bask in the sun. Special pride of the island are the local hot springs Guantan, water temperature reaches 70 – 90 degrees Celsius, that is, is almost boiling, as well as sources Nyantyan with water temperature 45 – 65 degrees. There are also radon sources Xinglong 120 kilometers from the city of Sanya. Next to them are a number of fitness centers and spas. It is believed that radon baths help in the treatment of gynecological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatism, sciatica and many other diseases. However, it is worth remembering that these baths have a lot of and contraindications. From these procedures should decisively reject those tourists who suffer from radiation sickness, leukemia, by the nature of its activity is under the influence of a regular VHF and UHF. By the way, it is a contraindication and smoking, so before you go to China on radon sources, should consult with a specialist or a doctor. This method of healing based on a special impact on the body of studies that arise from the decay of radon atoms. Visiting radon baths should comply with certain rules and, for example, to remember that these baths need to be strictly limited amount of time, and lie / sit in them should be relaxed without making sudden movements, so as not to provoke a sharp increase in blood pressure.

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