Gastronomic tours to China

Every year more and more popular are gastronomic tours – “tasty” travel to different countries. These trips allow to know the culture and history of the country, not only inspecting the monuments and visiting museums, but also trying to national dishes and drinks.

In addition, gastronomic tours are an excellent solution for those who want to taste authentic dishes, but is not ready to learn the basics of the culinary world. Some tourists believe such tours whim and self-indulgence, as now in a good supermarket you can find everything from frog legs and oysters to fine wines from private collections. However, the land of the best restaurants can not compare with their “comrades”, prepared in Japan and Peking duck restaurant in the capital will be only vaguely resembles the one that served in Chinese restaurants. By the way, China in recent years more and more travelers interested in the part of the gastronomic tours. This country is worth it to explore it and from that perspective, it is in China, was written by the world’s first cookbook.

Where to go?

The first problem faced by the traveler, it is a problem of choice in the region of China, from which to explore the local cuisine. China’s vast territory and a common concept of Chinese food is not there. There is a culture of cooking on the island of Hainan, has its own culture in the mountainous regions of Tibet and its own traditions in Beijing. In addition, the cooking school in each region has its own branches and traditions to the point that every village has its own cooking traditions. Going to a gastronomic tour to China, the easiest way is to start it with the capital – with Beijing.
In Beijing cuisine is dominated by natural products, with the most popular dish – “Peking duck” familiar to anyone who has looked into Russian in Chinese cafes and restaurants. In addition to visiting restaurants in Beijing will be interesting to try and local street fast food, which is an important part of national culinary traditions. By the way, the box in which the street is packed noodles, sometimes decorated with inscriptions and drawings, executed manually. Lovers of the exotic in his gastronomic journey is better to keep the way to the province of Guangdong, where it is assumed to cook virtually anything that swims, runs and flies. Here tourists happy be presented the opportunity to taste crocodiles, rats, mice, pigeons, snakes and various insects. Vegetarian dishes and seafood dishes are more common in the province of Jiangsu. Sweet tooth may be advisable to choose to travel the southern regions of China, as there are in addition to the rice dishes are particularly common confectionery. Going to such a tour to China, it is worth remembering a local saying that in nature nothing is inedible – only bad cooks.

Popular dishes in China

Despite the fact that the whole of China, there are about five thousand of the most popular dishes, there is a definite list of the dishes, which necessarily will be on the table every Chinese family with the arrival of guests in the restaurant during the visit of foreign visitors. One of these dishes is the original Chinese noodles, which has nothing to do with yellowish “instant noodles” of dubious origin, which are sold in Russia. Chinese noodles different color, texture, aroma and taste – it is very tender, although quite tasteless if it is, without sauces. In addition, China has a chance to try different kinds of dumplings. They are preparing dough in different colors and with the most amazing fillings.
However, among the most exotic tourist treats on a table in a restaurant can be, for example, soup of swallows’ nests.This dish is one of the most extravagant and expensive in the world – the price per portion starts at $ 20 (about 700 rubles). In fact, these nests are the waste products of small swifts that build their houses themselves seaweed, fish eggs and fry, fastening it all his saliva. The high cost of food due to the fact that the swifts build their whole life, only one slot. In addition, the production of these nests, as well as their preparation – a very difficult and laborious task.
The leader in cost is the famous Chinese soup with an unusual name “Buddha jumps over the wall.” In European restaurants, this delicacy can be enjoyed by paying for a portion of the order of US $ 170, and in China 60 to $ 120. The main ingredients of the soup are a different kind of meat and seafood – clams, scallops, shark fins, sea cucumbers and ginseng. All components are filled with a bottle of Shaoxing yellow wine and stew on low heat. According to legend, even the Buddha was so captured by the scent of soup that I forgot about vegetarianism, and in one leap overcome the wall that separates it from the cherished plate of soup. Those who are more to taste the meat, in Chinese restaurants you can taste fried bearish palms or dish with the heroic name “Battle of Tiger with dragon.” The latter is made from snake meat and leopard cats, and always richly decorated with vegetables.To wash down all these treats made or local rice vodka or light beer. The best varieties in all regions of the country are considered to be “U-Shin” and “Qingdao”.

Useful tips

Going to a gastronomic tour of China, should be aware that the local population eating is an important ritual, folklore and all of China is related to cooking. That is why in the restaurants or at a party should respect local customs and traditions and at least learn how to use chopsticks. It is also worth remembering and about “cane” etiquette. For example, in China should be to pick up food with chopsticks silent as the sound of instruments on the dish – a lot of begging. At the same time the process of absorption of food by the Chinese is not quiet, but rather the opposite. This can be seen by looking at any edalni where the locals eat. It is strictly forbidden to stick sticks with bowls of rice or other dishes, since it is only at the funeral, and finally, the terrible bad manners will be stringing pieces of food on sticks. China has taken an expensive and distinguished guests to offer the best portion, and if it turns on a plate fish head, it will mean that the hosts have shown respect by offering the most delicious dishes of the guest. One of the secrets that reveal taverns Chinese experts, is that the more shabby and looks terrible local coffee shop, the tastier it is prepared. Only institutions where the Chinese eat themselves, you can try real Chinese food.
Going to a gastronomic tour of China, as well as for any other country, tourists should take a supply of the necessary funds to improve digestion and other medicines for stomach and liver. This warning is not related to the quality of food and the fact that the exotic eastern cuisine is very different from the usual, and can cause unpleasant reactions on the part of the body in general and digestive tract in particular. By the way, while tasting different food, it’s better to know when to stop and not to lean on all the proposed dishes, or enjoy every little bit, so as not to suffer from indigestion afterwards. And finally, the thought of unwanted kilograms to be imported from vacation, it is best to leave the house, otherwise the flavor will not be fun in joy.

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