The best beaches of the mainland of China

In addition to the advertised Hainan Island in China, there are several other beaches that boast the ideal conditions for recreation. The obvious advantage is that they are not crowded. Compete with Sanya beaches are beaches Beihai city of Guangxi province in the south-west of the country.

In this ancient city, you can not just relax on the sandy quiet beach, but also to admire the magnificent architecture of the city. The white sandy beach stretches here for almost two kilometers, but worth bearing in mind that the entrance to a fee – around 25 billion yuan.
Experts also advise a beach holiday to go to Dalian northwestern province of Liaoning, where the beach Tiger decorated with massive statues of these animals. Not far from the beach, amusement park rides and a large aquarium, where kids will enjoy. However, on this beach sometimes there are stones, and those looking for a sandy place of rest, is the way to keep Bangchuydao Dzhuggu five kilometers from the city center. This beach is a favorite spot of relaxation especially the wealthiest people in China. No less an elite Chinese call and Fudzhiaskhuang Beach. Entrance to this beach is also payable in the amount of about 5 billion yuan. The best months for a holiday in Dalian will be the season from June to October.
Famous for its beautiful beaches and the city of Qingdao in Shandong Province on the eastern coast of the country. It was here in 2008 the sailing competitions were held during the Summer Olympic Games. The resorts Qingdao prefer to relax influential members of the Communist Party of China. There are popular all six beaches, which are suitable for the lazy “plyazhinga,” but do not qualify for surfing and other sports, depending on the availability of wind and waves. In addition, it is worth remembering that not all Chinese can afford to vacation in Hainan, so on weekends and holidays is at Qingdao city beach comes a huge company of locals and then the number of tourists on the beach is ten or even tens of thousands of people . That is why this beach was named the most crowded in the world.
Popular among lovers and couples who come to China for a honeymoon, it is also secluded beaches of the city of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Here, the best place for a romantic vacation beaches considered Dameysha and Hioameysha, entrance to which will have to pay a few yuan. It is not possible to list the best beaches without mentioning the Chinese coastline of Xiamen, Fujian Province. Here tourists endless expanses for swimming and relaxing on the sand, and entrance to all the beaches are free. Before you go to sea on any of the beaches of Chinese, look at the flags posted on the beach, meaning the height of the waves, as in the South China Sea is a strong emotion, unsafe for swimming.

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