Beach holidays in China

In spite of the great opportunities for a beach holiday in China, as long as this country is no longer perceived as a destination for tours, retreats in the Himalayas, inspections Tibetan temples and shopping in Hong Kong. In fact, China boasts several beautiful beaches – “bounty” that can be compared to the beaches in the Maldives, Vietnam or on the islands of Thailand.

These beaches are located not only on the tropical island of Hainan. The advantage of a beach holiday in China is that there is no mass pilgrimage of tourists, as in Turkey, Egypt and Thailand, and the beaches are extremely diverse. Here there are an ideal place for couples lovers, for fans of extreme water sports and for families with children.

Tropical Hainan Island

One of the most popular beach holiday destinations in China is a wonderful island of Hainan, the name of which translates as “island south of the sea.” This place is the only country where more has remained completely untouched nature and where there is a warm tropical climate. Average air temperature is kept at 25 – 30 degrees Celsius and 300 days a year of sunshine in Hainan. That is why the island of Hainan, with its white sand beaches is considered to be the capital of China beach. In addition, the beaches of this island famous all over the world in 2003 and it was, when the finals are held famous beauty contest “Miss World.”
The main beach area in Hainan is Sanya, which boasts beaches of fine and soft sand, spreading palm trees on the beach and excellent infrastructure that meets all the needs of tourists. The most beautiful beach in Hainan tourists call semikilometrovy Yalong Bay in the eastern part of the island. To relax in a secluded and quiet atmosphere, better to go to the peninsula Lihuytou in the southwest of Sanya. No less popular and small Dadonghai Beach on the south-east of the city. This beach is located near the city center and there is always quite crowded and a lot of fun. The cost of renting sunbeds here is 30 yuan (about 175 rubles), but for hotel guests located on the beach, umbrellas, deck chairs and other beach facilities are free of charge. Bored here will not give traders snacks, fruit and pearls that each half-hour stroll on the beach, offering their wares. However, unlike its Egyptian or Turkish friends, the local “peddlers” very unobtrusive and refusal to understand the first time.
Sanya Beach is stable in waves, so it is come here and this is where the surfers are several surfing schools.Experienced instructors will teach the sport, even a novice, and some trainers are fluent in Russian. Along the beach there are numerous seafood restaurants offering fish and other seafood, grilled. Refreshments zdesb possible for 100 – 150 rubles. All beaches in Hainan, as in other regions of China, municipal and unfenced. Almost always sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach are free, unless a nearby bar or restaurant does not put up next to the institution’s own premium destinations. Despite the fact that the beaches do not belong to hotels, hoteliers carefully slaughter on the state of the coastal strip and equip it with all the amenities for vacationers.
The most prestigious resting place in Hainan Yalong Bay is where the purest water in the bay, the sea, the most calm, and water transparency reaches thirty meters. That is why, in this part of the island there are numerous diving centers offering tourists enjoy exploring the underwater world of this region of China. Here you can stay in the best luxury hotels located on the first line. For guests hotel offers not only traditional umbrellas, sun beds and showers with fresh water on the beach, lounge chairs, and a swing and a romantic gazebo for two. Often at the beach running and cocktail bars of hotels where you can enjoy a delicious fruit or alcoholic cocktails. Most hotels are located on the first line, that is the most beaches of the island, usually busy with tourists from Russia, the US and European countries, as the Chinese themselves prefer to settle away from the sea in cheaper hotels.

Climate of Hainan Island

For those who are planning to vacation in Hainan, one should remember that the hottest month in this part of China is July – the temperature warms up to 35 degrees Celsius cooler all in Hainan in January, when the temperature does not rise above 22 degrees during the day. However, even in the dead of winter on these beaches of Hainan can swim, ride on yachts, diving and surfing, as the water temperature in the sea throughout the year is kept at 26 – 29 degrees.Diversify beach holiday on the island can, for example, by visiting one of the great modern golf clubs, or to improve their health in the world-famous centers of traditional medicine. They can take courses of Chinese acupressure, acupuncture and .t.d. For lovers of traditional relaxing treatments work in Hainan excellent spa offering treatments for health and beauty based on natural cosmetics. No less popular and hot springs Nyantyan, you can tidy up your skin, burnt in the sun. On campus there are more than three dozen pools filled with thermal water, coconut milk, lantern petals, herbal extracts, etc.

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