The tour of the Forbidden City

Besides the main buildings of the Forbidden City in Beijing deserves particular attention of tourists and Museum, which houses an extensive collection of art objects. According to the inventory, in 1925 the museum store more than one million items collected at the time the emperors of the Qing Dynasty and the Ming.

However, during the invasion of the Japanese troops in China most of the museum’s collection was evacuated in Guizhou and Sichuan. but this did not affect the diversity of the collection – today in the museum can be seen more than two million unique items, some of which is valuable gifts influential guests rulers of China, ancient Chinese and other amazing things. Among them, tourists can see the painting, bronze sculptors, ceramics, calligraphy, articles of jade and other precious stones, rare books and historical documents, jewelry, clothing, old coins, and much more. Museum Museum in Beijing and the entire Forbidden City are not only a great historical and architectural monument, but also a sense the center of all of China.The complex is built in the shape of the character “zhong” denotes the middle and is one of the fundamental principles of Chinese philosophy. The whole city – a complex system of symbols and signs, to understand that should put a lot of effort.
Most often a tour of the Forbidden City begins the gate of Tiananmen Square and the Gate of Heavenly Peace. Along the road leading to the museum, visitors will see the former emperor’s garden and a large cypress forest, which today is the Palace of Culture of the working people. The next gate on the way and will Duanmen Umen that will lead to a larger area. Passing it is possible to get to the Golden River, through which airlifted several bridges. During the tour, tourists will also be able to look at the majestic Hall of Supreme Harmony, to which in ancient times were carried out military construction. It is interesting to go in the Hall of Preserving Harmony, which set the imperial throne. Above it the inscription of four characters, proclaiming the basic principles of good governance by the state. These principles are moderation, impartiality and “middle”. Behind this room is one of the famous Chinese wonders – a huge carved marble slab. Its length exceeds sixteen meters long and three meters, and the thickness – 1.7 meters. Now this plate weighs about 250 tons, and before her carving was done, she could weigh fifty tons more. On the plate you can see a picture of the seas, the mountains and the nine dancing dragons, which symbolize imperial power. Each of these dragons holding in their mouth a pearl on a large bowl – a symbol of wisdom. Most excursions to the Forbidden City in Beijing and involve some free time, so that the tourists could walk alone in this wonderful place, leisurely look at all the buildings and get into the spirit of this complex.

Helpful information

Forbidden City Museum in Beijing is located in the heart of the Chinese capital. You can get here by going through the Gate of Heavenly Peace on Tiananmen Square. Before the square, tourists can get, or by taxi or public transport. If you go to the Beijing subway, then you need to get off at Tiananmen, which is located on a branch W and also wind E. In addition, to get to the Forbidden City and possibly land transport. Prior to the main square walk more than ten buses. On routes №№ 2, 210 and 819 tourists should go to the bus stop Donghuamen, bus number 5 to Xihuamen, on №№ 111, 124 and 210 sludet go Jingshan Dongmen, on №№ 1, 2, 101, 103, 109, 124, 202, 211, 685, 810 and 846 – to Gugong.On other routes stop will be called by name Square – Tiananmen.

The price of this visit attractions range from 40 to 60 yuan, depending on the time of visit.Entrance costs 60 yuan from the beginning of April until the end of October, and 40 yuan – the first of November and the end of March. Also added will have to purchase a ticket to the Hall of hours and the Imperial treasury – tickets are 10 yuan. For an extra 10 – 40 yuan, tourists are invited to take advantage of an audio guide for the most common languages ​​of the world. By the way, this model offers a variety of audio guides. The most convenient way to use what is done in the form of a map of the Forbidden City. In this arrangement, the flashing light will indicate the current location, the red lights will mark not yet inspected the place, and black – the ones where the tourists were. Guides in Chinese will cost 10 million yuan, in any other language – at 40. In addition, an audio guide will need to leave a deposit of 100 yuan, which will be refunded at the time of delivery of the device. Tour with audio guide allows a walk to the Forbidden City indefinitely and do not rush for the tour group. In addition, the recording is always possible to stop or rewind to listen again.
In the summer season (April 1 – October 31) Forbidden City Museum in Beijing is open to the public from 08-30 to 17-00 without breaks and days off. However, it is worth remembering that the last ticket sold at 16-00, in the last tourists are not allowed within the territory of the Monographs on 16-10. In the winter season (November 1 – March 31) yard complex works with 08-30 to 16-30, and the last ticket can be purchased no later than 15-30. A visit to the Forbidden City in Beijing Forbidden City will take at least a day, so it’s worth a lot of patience, batteries for cameras and cameras, as well as comfortable shoes without heels. Those tourists who have been in the sights of many times, is advised to start with the examination of the north (top map) part of the complex, which leads to the gates Shen Wu Men. From there, we should move to the opposite, the southern part. In this case, you do not have to spend much time at the ticket office, because there is always much fewer tourists, and such an approach would leave the most exciting and interesting on the “dessert” …

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