Forbidden City in Beijing

One of the essential places to visit in the Chinese capital is the most famous and largest palace complex from all over the world – Forbidden City Museum in Beijing. This palace was the residence of twenty-four powerful rulers of China. One of the interesting facts from the history of the Forbidden City is the fact that, according to astronomers, the Forbidden City is located exactly in the center of the globe.

History and layout of the Forbidden City in Beijing

According to historians, the Forbidden City in Beijing Forbidden City was launched in 1406. As the one of the legends, this project had a huge temple complex of one of the Chinese monks, who spoke about the hour prophetic dream prince, who soon became the emperor. Most of the buildings Palace Museum was built of wood, brick and marble. Today, tourists can see most of the buildings as they were built in the fifteenth century – one-story with massive roofs, resting on strong pillars. This design was chosen in order to protect the palace from destruction during possible earthquakes.
Today, the Forbidden City palace complex, tourists can get there through one of the four gates, converts to the four cardinal points. Gates wear traditional poetic names for China Gate of military valor, the midday and a Western and Eastern. The palace itself is also divided into several parts, for example, the room where the governor performed his public functions, named halls perfect harmony, the Supreme Harmony and Preserving Harmony. The interior of the palace was intended for the private apartments of the Emperor, Empress, Princess and many concubines. The inhabitants of these areas live, play, fun, worshiped gods and rest in one of the imperial gardens – the Garden of Longevity, tranquility and kindness. According to ancient tradition, the palace of the Emperor of Heaven counted 10 000 rooms, and the Forbidden City is one less – 9 999. In fact, this is nothing more than a beautiful myth, arising out of love for the Chinese lucky number nine, as rooms the palace is much less – 8707.
In the heart of the complex is a pavilion Tayhedyan height of about forty meters. For many years he was the owner of the status of the highest buildings in the city, as in the days of empire in Beijing forbidden to construct buildings higher than this pavilion. Forbidden City in Beijing was always closed from ordinary mortals. It was allowed to enter only the emperor and his family – no one else could come here under the most terrible fear of death. That is why that was outside the walls of the Forbidden City, the term most fantastic legends. In addition to its privacy and closeness of ordinary citizens The city has a number of unique engineering features. Interestingly, throughout the complex not a single chimney – is the heating system was conducted under the floor, and heat sources were made for the territory of the royal apartments. For heating is used special brazier with coal, were not allowed by burning or smell any smoke. Today, this amazing in every sense of the palace complex is one of the major tourist attractions in Beijing. He also once fell into the lens of professional cameras – in the Forbidden City was filmed clip of 30 Seconds to Mars on their song From Yesterdy, and were shooting the film “The Last Emperor”.

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