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China – an amazing country with its own unique style.

It is felt in every greatness: China – the world leader in the production of most industrial products, there is half the world’s foreign exchange reserves. In China is coming to try real tea, love Chinese food (if you’re not already a fan of it), see the sights and be sure to come back.


Direct Flights from Ukraine to China not. Many airlines offer flights with stopovers transplant, for example, “Transaero”, S7 and “Aeroflot” via Moscow, Air Astana through Astana, Flydubai through Dubai, Turkish Airlines via Istanbul, Alitalia via Rome. The average cost of a flight from Kiev to Beijing is about 550-650 USD, about the same would cost flight to Shanghai, 650-750 USD cost flight from Kiev to Hong Kong.

NB! Import of local currency is limited to 6,000 yuan. Import and export of foreign currency is unlimited.If during your stay in China, the tourist has not spent all of the local currency, before leaving, he can exchange it back to the desired foreign, by presenting a certificate of initial exchange.


On long distances in China is better to use the plane: the country’s three national and four regional carriers. A popular form of transport is the train, from the high-speed (350 km / h) expresses to ordinary trains. Tickets can be purchased in coupe (soft or hard), on seats or standing. An alternative to trains are buses that come in different comfort.

In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Tianjin is the subway, buses and trolley buses (running from 5: 00-5: 30 and 22: 00-23: 00). Tickets are sold in the metro on hand at the entrance to the bus and trolley – the conductor or driver, and suburban lines – from the driver. In some cities in the subway shine things.


Before the trip to the country is not required to be vaccinated. Necessarily it is necessary to use the safe storage of documents, money or store them in another secret place. It is not recommended to drink unboiled water from the tap.


Yuan (CNY) – the only legal tender in China. Currency can be exchanged at the main offices of the Bank of China (Bank of China), hotels, international airports, railway stations and some major shopping centers. It should keep the receipts received in the exchange as a reverse exchange of the remaining RMB at the end of the trip is only possible if their presentation.

Credit cards American Express, Visa, Master Card and others accept in hotels and restaurants, in large government department. Remove them with cash only in branches of the Bank of China.


China_fascinating_countryThe climate in different parts of China is very different. The average temperature in the north in the winter about -7 ° C (sometimes -20 ° C), summer is about +22 ° C, and sufficiently dry. In the central part of China in the winter from 0 ° C to -5 ° C, in summer – about +20 ° C. In southern winter from +6 ° C to +15 ° C, in summer – above +25 ° C.

The best time to travel to China late spring (April and May) and autumn from September to October (in the south from November to December). On Hainan Island can ride all year round. The average annual temperature there is +28 ° C, the temperature of sea water +25,6 ° C.


From China as souvenirs carry chopsticks, porcelain, cups, lacquer boxes, press and scroll case. White and blue porcelain of the Ming Dynasty can be purchased at specialty stores, art and antique shops, there is search and classical Chinese painting – originals and reproductions, as well as copies of the world-famous paintings for a reasonable price.

Hangzhou and Suzhou are famous for tea and silk. When buying tea and bulk products must be remembered that a measure of weight in China – “jin”, equal to about a pound, and said price corresponds exactly to this measure of weight. Also pay attention to jade, carpets, silk fabrics, decorated with pearls and silver coins.

In large state stores and grocery stores prices are fixed. In the markets should be traded. State stores are open seven days a week from 9:30 to 20:30, private – from 9:00 to 21:00, and often even longer.Markets usually open at 7:00 am (some – even at 4:00) and work until 10: 00-12: 00.


In China you can find hotels for every budget, whether it is a hostel for USD 5 per night or a hotel room of one of the world’s “chains” of a few hundred dollars. The level of service in hotels 4-5 stars is good, the staff speaks English, hotels in the north of China can meet speaking staff.

In China, the standard mains power – 220 watts. Rooms are equipped with universal outlets. In Hong Kong, will have to buy an adapter if you do not offer it to the hotel, as are commonly used in buildings fork “British” type.


Kitchen_chinaFrom the shady tent with dumplings 4-5 star restaurants, Chinese cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world. The cultural traditions of Yin and Yang appear everywhere, and preference is given to balance and harmony among the constituent components of food.

In China, there are four main “gastronomic region”: Shandong, Sichuan, Canton (Guangdong) and Fujian. The differences between them are not always easy to find, but, for example, Shandong cuisine is better known savory sauces and lots of light in Sichuan cuisine of many spices, spicy and pungent, Canton different light dishes and a variety of processing ingredients.

It is difficult to describe at least any significant dishes of China – a lot of them and they all have variations. But we look at the most popular of them are worth a try Chinese guests.

Peking Duck – it is the most famous dish of tourists in China. It is prepared exclusively from birds weighing about 2.5 kg, grown in special farms. In this dish, it is important everything from sauces to the wood, which is fried duck. Duck, sliced ​​to the total weight of 100-120 g, served with sweet sauce, thin pancakes and green leek.

The meat (usually pork) in sweet and sour sauce . An unusual combination of sour, sweet and meat at first glance it may seem … tasteless. But it is worth to try it as a popular dish to assess eating habits of residents of China, and then by train this unusual dish.

Tofu – a very useful product that can be commonly found in Chinese restaurants and cafes. Tofu has unique properties. It takes a taste of the product, which is prepared. Sometimes tofu with meat, fish, prawns, vegetables. For ordering tofu with seafood, you get a whole plate of delicious gourmet meals.

Chinese dumplings (jiao-zi, Wonton) – is part of Chinese culture, depending on the terrain and different form filling. Wonton – one of the most popular types of dumplings in China. They resemble in shape and are made ​​from a bundle rather thin dough. Wonton stuffed with minced pork, shrimp, mixed with ginger, onion, sesame oil and soy sauce.

Tea is a symbol of China: it is grown in 18 provinces and autonomous regions. A hard-working Chinese people from fresh leaves of one bush can produce more than 500 varieties. To learn how to drink tea, you should look at the tea ceremony. But tea is to buy on the market: Beijing street Malyandao (马连道, mǎliándào), Guangzhou market Fantsun (芳村, Fāngcūn). A good tea will cost you dearly.

Hot Pot – is not so much a dish as a whole ceremony of its preparation. You bring a pot of water, which is mounted on the heating element, and a set of products: vegetables, seafood or meat sauces. Once the water begins to boil, you put back all you want, and are ready to afford. The dish turns without much effort (everything is cut), and according to your taste.


China has something to offer even the most demanding traveler: the famous monasteries, including the legendary Shaolin Temple, the Great Wall of China, the rice terraces, “Silk Road”, Jiuzhaigou National Park with amazing waterfalls and the unique color of the lake – the list can be long. We offer a list of the most popular places to visit in China.

Beijing_culturalBeijing . It is not just the capital and cultural, economic and political center of the country, but the main focus of interest: Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City Museum in Beijing, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall of China (only 60 km from the city), the imperial parks and much more. In Beijing, be sure to try Peking duck, go to the Beijing Opera and visit the tea ceremony.

Tibet : to visit this amazing place it is necessary to prepare carefully, because without the express permission of the foreigners are not allowed, moreover, not all can withstand the height differences. But who will be able to get into this unique place will never regret: in Tibet, a lot of great religious and cultural monuments. The most revered temple of Tibetan Buddhism Jokhang, Drepung and Sera monasteries, complex residence of the Dalai Lamas Norbulingka and more awaits you in Tibet.

ShanghaiShanghai . The largest city in China and the first most populous city in the world. “Oriental Pearl Tower” – a television tower in Shanghai – one of the tallest towers in China. “Oriental Pearl”, as it is often called, is located in Pudong, and plays the role of a modern business center. Take a stroll along the waterfront of Shanghai, visit the former residence of the “Father of Modern China” Sun Yat-sen, shopping at Nanjing Road, relax in one of the parks – in Shanghai there is always something to do.

And Chengdu Panda Breeding Centre : if you want to see the pandas, and even hold a baby in her lap, then you should definitely visit the Panda Breeding Centre. The center pandas live in almost natural conditions. To recommend a visit earlier time (about 8 – 10 am), because the remainder of the day (from noon) panda sleeping.

Xian and the “Terracotta Army” : more than 7,000 copies of the clay soldiers were found not far from Xi’an. And all wars have individual characteristics are different, and their armor.According to research scientists, the Terracotta Army, together with the founder of the Qin Dynasty emperor Qin Shi Huang was buried in 210 BC.

Rice_terracesRice terraces : breathtaking natural landscapes can be seen when you get to the rice terraces. Millions of tourists annually visit these remote places to watch the breathtaking scenery and hard work of local people. Best time to visit: November – April.

Zhangjiajie National Park : in the Chinese province of Hunan has a wonderful park, giant rocks that formed the basis of “Avatar.” One of the most important mountains of the park – Tyanmenshan with amazing cave “Heaven’s Gate” – the highest in the world, the height of 131.5 m, a width of 57 m at its widest point. Among the locals living legend, the mountain has supernatural powers

Hong Kong : English gloss mixing with Asian traditions.More recently (in 1997). Hong Kong came under the jurisdiction of China, but has kept the spirit of the UK. The best views are from Victoria Peak. One should visit the statue of the largest sitting Buddha in the world, picturesque temple Man Mao, Aberdeen Harbour, Temple Wong Tai Sing, the building of the colonial era Murray House … And, of course, the best shopping in China – it is here in Hong Kong.

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