Chinese economic miracle never ceases to amaze the world. We do not stop to wonder how in such a short time, China has been able to transform itself from a tempting, but is not available to the country at the center of world tourism. In a matter of decades, all over the country have increased luxury hotels to suit every taste, beautiful resorts, unforgettable parks and attractions. China opens its doors to everyone.

China – a tidbit for fans of excursions, as exotics at every step. Moreover, tourists can not just walk, watch and take pictures, but also to become directly involved, such as traditional Chinese tea. And while you “divorce ceremony Chinese” kids happily have fun in the Shijingshan Amusement Park.

Generally trip to China – is a complete immersion in the local culture. National cuisine, amazing architecture, hieroglyphics … All this falls on tourists merciless flow of positive emotions and vivid impressions.

The monuments of ancient culture in China number in the thousands, and only you decide to climb the Great Wall, visit the Forbidden City, or walk through the majestic temples. And by the way, do not be afraid to get lost. The friendly locals are always happy to help foreigners find a way. The main thing is to stock up relevant addresses of places in Chinese.

China, and more specifically the People’s Republic of China – is a great and diverse state with a varying nature, thousands of years of culture, scenic treasures of architecture and thousands of types of recreation. In China, you can do absolutely everything: beach vacation, hiking in the mountains, shopping, extreme and even hundreds of different things, and at the highest level, as long as enough money.

Although it sounds banal, but China really a country of contrasts, the largest in Asia. Capital – Beijing. There are mountains and steppes, deserts and forests, and pristine beaches. The climate is different in different areas, you can get into the subtropics, and it is possible and in a sharply-continental conditions. Therefore, when planning holidays in China, is interested in the weather in advance, in accordance with this pick clothes.

What may be of interest China traveler? There are many answers: cities with their charm and endless possibilities to go on excursions; mountains with their beauty; beautiful beaches and gentle waves of the Yellow Sea; the most profitable shopping on the planet; wellness top class with the best of Chinese funds; traditional cuisine.

When it comes to tourist attractions in China, they can be write a book, because it is only protected by the state more than 750 monuments and there are over a hundred natural beauty. What to say about the Great Wall of China. No less interesting to spend your holiday in China, visiting archaeological sites in the Taklimakan Desert, Gobi base climbers in the Himalayas, Dunhuang caves, numerous waterfalls, or go on the Silk Road.

Many attractions are concentrated in China’s cities. Beijing – the capital and the main jewel of state, arrived here, it is necessary to visit the Forbidden City. Fans of shopping will be delighted to Shanghai, which is now considered to be the most populous city in the world (officially – 24 million). Hong Kong – picturesque state within a state with its own characteristics and cultural values. Very strong impact on this part of the country during the British Raj. Another entertainment center – Macau – a picturesque center of Portuguese rule.

If you are more interested in China’s traditional resort with beaches, water sports, hotel complexes, the best place to relax is the island of Hainan. Here is a very mild climate, lots of greenery, clear water and clean air because of the lack of industrial enterprises. Especially attractive on the island resort of Sanya, located in three bays: Sanyavan, Yalong Bay, Sanya.

Many are involved with other resort in China, the Pearl of the Yellow Sea – Dalian, the UN award for cleanliness and grooming. Stunning beaches famous Weihai and Beidaihe is famous favorable climate and picturesque parks.

At any point in China can find something interesting, so a trip to the country offers a lot of new pleasant impressions.

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