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Amusement parks in China

Amusement_parks_in_ china

In addition to numerous cultural and historical monuments, which are among the most famous sights of the world, China and boasts magnificent amusement park in which it will be interesting not only for children but also for adults to tourists.

Popular venues and procedures spa in China


One of the most popular spa centers in the city of Sanya on the Chinese island of Hainan is a San Yi Tang, where tourists podlozhat wide range of services. It enjoys great popularity here detox body wrap, which is

At the spa treatments in China


Fashionable and popular in recent years, the word SPA, which means sanus per aqua, translated into Russian as “health through water”. This concept is known since time immemorial, when various ailments and illnesses were treated with thermal baths.

Gastronomic tours to China


Every year more and more popular are gastronomic tours – “tasty” travel to different countries. These trips allow to know the culture and history of the country, not only inspecting the monuments and visiting museums, but also trying to national

The best beaches of the mainland of China


In addition to the advertised Hainan Island in China, there are several other beaches that boast the ideal conditions for recreation. The obvious advantage is that they are not crowded. Compete with Sanya beaches are beaches Beihai city of Guangxi

Beach holidays in China


In spite of the great opportunities for a beach holiday in China, as long as this country is no longer perceived as a destination for tours, retreats in the Himalayas, inspections Tibetan temples and shopping in Hong Kong. In fact,