Amusement parks in China

Amusement_parks_in_ china
In addition to numerous cultural and historical monuments, which are among the most famous sights of the world, China and boasts magnificent amusement park in which it will be interesting not only for children but also for adults to tourists.

Amusement parks in Beijing

One of the most famous amusement parks in the Chinese capital is a park called Happy Valley, which is also often referred to as the Beijing Disneyland, but to the creation of Walt Disney is the place has nothing to do. The park is located at XiaoWuji Beilu, Dongsihuan, Chaoyang District in Beijing, and is open daily from 09-00 to 22-00 and without breaks and days off. This park is known throughout the world for being the biggest theme park in the country, covering an area of ​​about 170 thousand square meters. Happy Valley is designed on the principle of international amusement parks with honors from Disneyland that you can see only the heroes of the Chinese national fairy tales, movies and cartoons. Among the entertainment that await tourists in this park – water attractions, breathtaking roller coaster, inimitable theatrical performances, jugglers show, and much more. To date, this Beijing amusement park are 120 attractions, the largest and most popular of which is the Atlantis. Here tourists can find yourself in the sunken city, where he learned a lot of interesting legends and tales. On the territory of Happy Valley also has many cafes and restaurants where you can eat or fast fudom or dishes of European and traditional Chinese cuisines. Local souvenir shops selling souvenirs to visit this amazing place. Admission to Happy Valley is 160 yuan, and can be reached here, or by taxi or by buses №№ 674, 680, 687. Exit at the stop should be called Huaqiaocheng. Also, go to the park and these buses as 740, 840, 29, 822 and 713 on which to go to the bus stop Hongyanqiao. Also here you can reach and the city metro, accessible from the tenth line station Jingsong, from which Park can be reached by taxi for 3-5 minutes or on foot.
Another amusement park in China, which is built in the image of a Disneyland Park Shijingshan in the west of the city at 25 Shijingshan, Beijing, China. The park is open daily from 09-00 to 16-45 and from November to late March, and from April to early November, the park can be visited from 08-30 to 17-00. Today on the territory of the park for visitors runs about four dozen different attractions that will please both children and adults. Many young park visitors especially like Cinderella’s Castle with a magnificent fountain in the center, as well as friendly and funny characters of Disney fairy tales and traditional Chinese greeting the children in the park. In addition, Shijingshan Park is located in a picturesque location surrounded by magnificent mountains, which attracts many tourists and locals who love outdoor recreation. Admission to the park costs 5 yuan, and tickets for attractions will cost 5 – 50 yuan. The easiest way to get to the Shijingshan Park can be on the subway, going to the station Batszyaotsun, or city buses №№ 318, 325, 327, 337, 472, 527, 545, 621, 622, 663, 941, 958, 959 or 977. Exit should be at the bus stop Bajiao.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Despite the great popularity of theme parks in the capital of China is perhaps the best known and most visited park in China is the brainchild of the great Walt Disney – Disneyland. This park in Hong Kong, which opened in the 2005’s, was the fifth in a row Disneyland world ranking is not today an area of ​​about 126 hectares. Today, this amusement park is divided into four main thematic areas: Main Street, Adventureland, and future Country Country imagination. On the main street of visitors waiting uninterrupted bright and colorful carnival with a solemn procession, fireworks and dancing. In the Land of fantasy children waiting favorite cartoon characters and adventures in the Land can feel like a hero tales, looking to visit Tarzan, or looking closely at the characters of The Lion King. The country is not indifferent to the future of those who love the fantastic attractions. By the way, it is curious that despite the fact that the park is created on motives of American cartoons, is alien to him, and traditional Chinese flavor. For example, heroine Alice in Wonderland sing in Chinese, and in restaurants and cafes offer a Disneyland for the most part traditional Chinese cuisine. Even the park is built in compliance with the basic principles of feng shui – it is the “face” to the sea and is located between two hills, which creates the illusion of comfort for the visitors and the security of the park.
One of the most popular entertainment in Hong Kong Disneyland is Ggrizzli Gorge, which was created specifically for this amusement park. Guests sit in a trolley on Big Mountain, where you can catch a fascinating journey on the road running along the wild landscapes. On the way guests will meet picturesque valley with a variety of water attractions and crackers, adventure in the style of the Wild West and even real grizzly bears. Children are also very fond of such attractions as Mickey ‘PhilharMagic with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, a Broadway-style musical in The Golden Mickeys Toon with singing and attractions such as the Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. On the last visit Layteru help Buzz (Buzz Lightyear) to deal with aliens from outer space. This Disneyland can also ride on the Disneyland Railroad, which laid throughout this vast park and stop, for example, Animation Academy, where classes are held on drawing Disney characters. In the evening, well worth a visit bright light show Disney in the Stars Fireworks, which impresses with its enormous and colorful fireworks illuminating the night sky all over the park. In addition to these entertainment at Disneyland Hong Kong and held special events to mark important events and holidays – Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Halloween, etc.
To get to the Disneyland Resort, located on Lantau Island, can be on the subway, going to the station Sunny Bay Station. From here to the park a special train goes through Disneyland Resort Line. Park visitors can also get on the buses №№ R11, R22, R33 and R42. Disneyland is open every day from 10:00 until 20:00 without breaks and days off.One-day admission ticket to the right to visit all attractions and entertainment costs 450 Hong Kong dollars for adults aged 12 to 65 years and 320 Hong Kong dollars for children aged from three to 12 years. Seniors over 65 years old are eligible for discount ticket for 100 Hong Kong dollars. Also you can buy Disneyland and a two-day ticket, which is valid for the next seven days after purchase. It costs 585 Hong Kong dollars for adults, 415 dollars for children and $ 170 for pensioners. Tickets are available not only at the ticket office of the park, but also on the Internet and on the official website of Disneyland. For those who want to stay in Hong Kong Disneyland for a few days, here are two great works at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel and Hong Kong Disneyland. The cost of living in them is 1650 – 7500 Hong Kong dollars per night depending on season and accommodation selected room type.

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