Down the muddy river


The Great Yangtze River, until recently, was not available for non-Chinese – foreign tourists. Grand Valley and the endless flat coast past which lazily flowing muddy waters of the Yangtze, managed to see quite a few travelers.However, this spring all lovers of Chinese exoticism a surprise.

Chinese equivalent of our Intourist, the state company China International Travel Service to the beginning of May begins to conduct a three-day cruises on the Yangtze river in comfortable motor ships.

Cruise departs from the town of Chongqing, where tourists from Beijing will take a regular flight of Chinese airlines. Right from the airport guests will carry the marina, where seated on a modern cruise ship: a double kayutami- “suites”, a restaurant, a gym, a disco and, probably most importantly – a large observation platform on the top deck. Admire the beauty of swimming by passengers can recline in traditional Chinese sun loungers.

The ship will moor in small villages. There tourists will travel to the collective and individual tours of the bustling shopping streets, little market – and, of course, museums and temples. Passengers will be able to see the ship close to two of the most narrow and high gorge in Asia. And at the same time see the most ambitious construction of the current China – alpine dam-dam. Ends river trip to Wuhan, where the tourists on the plane back to Beijing.

It should cruise from $ 470 (without tickets but with meals and excursions). Surcharge is an additional $ 180, travelers will be able to stay for two days in Wuhan. Or continue down the Yangtze another two hundred kilometers down.

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