Travel expenses in the Chinese



The Chinese capital has buses and trolleybuses. At any time of the day they crammed to capacity passengers. The fee varies on different routes, but never more than 0.2 yuan ($ 0,024).

With the introduction of market relations in the socialist practice of the People’s Republic of China were private line of minibuses with fixed prices. They start at $ 1 and may reach $ 3-4.

Beijing subway is much more comfortable. It is expensive – half a yuan ($ 0.06), regardless of the distance.

Taxis in Beijing are working on individual tariffs – usually 1 or 2 yuan ($ 0,12-0,24) per kilometer, with a minimum fee of 10 yuan ($ 1.2). A specific rate can be seen from the outside – it is specified on the placard in the windshield. There is no taxi meter – it is necessary to negotiate with the driver in advance.

There are in Beijing and another kind of transport – rickshaws. But it is not the vehicle, but rather an instrument of extortion. Fares in this case are set so. First you agree with the price of the cyclist. Upon arrival, he claims to have at least 10 times more. The outcome is determined by the ratio of physical condition. Beat can, and often unyielding foreign batters. If the road gives a lift trishaw “relatives who on the road” – get off at once. The balance of power is not clearly leaning in your favor.

Hong Kong

Although the city is now officially called the Hong Kong and is under the jurisdiction of the PRC, the orders are not the same as in the rest of China. For example, in circulation there are still in use Hong Kong dollars, which are abbreviated HK $.

In the former British colony run modern and comfortable buses: the trip is from 1.8 to 12 local dollars (that is, from 0.23 to 1.56 US dollars), depending on the duration. The tram takes steadily: HK $ 1 ($ 0.13) per trip of any duration.However, the city has only one tram line.

Hong Kong subway is called the acronym MTR (Mass Transit Railway). One trip it is necessary to finish in 90 minutes, otherwise the ticket becomes invalid.

If you frequently travel on the metro, it is useful to purchase Common Stored Value Ticket, which happens at HK $ 70, 100 and 200 ($ 9, 13 or 26).

Similar MTR Tourist Ticket has oriental sell sophisticated travelers. Hitting on it, you can at HK $ 20 and sell it for HK $ 25!

By the way, the penalty for the eating or drinking something in the subway of HK $ 1.000 ($ 130).

The strait between the island and mainland in Hong Kong many ferries ply. A trip to one of them is worth HK $ 1,2 on the lower deck, or HK $ 1,5 – on top.

Taxis on the island, which is the center of the city, take on the HK $ 9 ($ 1.17) for the landing and the first 2 kilometers, and then – HK $ 0,9 for every 200 meters. On the “new territories” (that is, the mainland) – HK $ 8 ($ 1.04) and HK $ 0,8 respectively. Set back on board HK $ 4 for each piece of luggage, but not all drivers insist on it. But for travel through the tunnels under the strait have to pay HK $ 20. Formal Dresses – HK $ 10, but the driver is allowed to assume that they will not find a fare for the trip, then you have to pay her.

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