These different Chinese goods


The first thing you must learn to everyone who decided to buy something in China – products are different. Rooted idea of ​​China as a country of low-quality goods, it is not true. China and are true to his principle – “hundred flowers”. Therefore, the products in China are different. Qualitative sold in major department stores.

Product there is several times more expensive than the market. Bargaining does not make any sense – the price on the label can not be changed. In major Chinese retail sales are quite frequent, and prices can range from 30 to 50 percent of the price. In all this blissful picture has a couple of unpleasant nuances. Of course, products made in China, especially for Chinese. Accordingly, large size clothes and shoes you will find not everywhere.

But the market all these problems probably will not. Usually Russian tourists lead the markets with a focus on foreign clients and products out there specifically sew “on the Europeans.” The market can and should bargain – the price that the seller tells you, no matter how low she did not seem to you, it’s not the price of the goods. It is outrageous dream seller. In China, you willy-nilly will have to recall the almost forgotten in Russia art of bargaining. The better you do it, the more respect you will like the seller. For, according to the Chinese, with the buyer, which is not traded, deal bored. If the seller is poorly understood in Russian, the course is a calculator on which the High Contracting Parties in turn gaining numbers.

Products on the market, you would not happen to buy. But if you want to treat yourself to exotic fruits, many of which are, in principle, not sold, please note: in China, the weight is not measured in kilograms, and Jin (jin), which is about half a kilogram.

Do not catch the “privateers” in Beijing

If you are traveling with a group, then you will most likely travel by bus. However, if you decide to go anywhere on their own (for example, to relax in the restaurant), then you have to use other modes of transport.

Do not even try to stop the “privateers,” you just do not understand and do not stop, even if you will stand with his hand raised all day. Wait for a taxi, which is the most comfortable way to travel.

Taxis are quite cheap in China, but the fare depends on the class of machine. Big numbers are written on the “label”, pinned to the glass of the machine. Chinese taxi drivers, like their counterparts throughout the world, are not averse to “show the city,” visitors. But do not take too much. “Tea” in China to give is not accepted in principle (the only known me a place where attendants even understand what “tip” – a restaurant for Russian). Therefore, thrusting the bill, do not rush to jump out of the car. The taxi driver will take money strictly by the meter and give the change to the penny (that is, until Mao). Furthermore, I understand that it sounds funny already, but (sit on a chair!) Taxi drivers on the first request you to write out a receipt for the amount paid!

Also taxis in Beijing, there is another no less convenient and less expensive mode of transport – the subway. As a means of transportation the subway – convenient and cheap (2 yuan). But he has one drawback – a small number of branches (one ring and a small “appendix”). Subway services, you can use from 5:30 to 23:00. The inscriptions in the metro are in Chinese and English, the ad also made in two languages. So it is easy to navigate.

And the last, the cheapest form of transport – buses and trolleybuses. Tickets are sold jig value of their proportional to the length of your route, but more expensive 1.5 yuan you will not meet. Buses go to the line about 5 – 5.30 and finalizing at about 22:00 – 23:00. Spacing of buses from 5 to 10 minutes on the main routes. On some routes buses run at night.

If you are a fan of Eastern exotica, something so specific type of transport as a rickshaw – for you. In any Chinese city of a sufficient number of pedicabs that are ready domchat you for a reasonable fee, but this form of transport for the amateur and for short distances. The fare depends on the weight of the passenger. “Volume” passenger rickshaws can not get lucky.

Cool – a dinner in an expensive restaurant

Chinese itself deserves a separate discussion. For the Chinese, behind each of which is a series of starving ancestors of a few thousand years, the food – it is a cult. Until now the most common method in China show their “coolness” – is not to decorate the neck pound chain and not to frighten peaceful residents horn howls his jeep. Cool – a dinner in an expensive restaurant. By the way, keep in mind the dinner in China – a holy time. In this country, no jet lag, so at 12 o’clock with a billion “tail” Earth’s inhabitants sit down to dinner, and almost all the institutions, except for large shopping centers are closed.

Naturally, with such attention to the food, cooking in China paid more attention. The well-known German writer A. Wedding wrote: “The Chinese – chef from nature. What a tempting and varied dishes that can be enjoyed even in the average Chinese restaurant.” It is unlikely that a single trip you can taste dishes of 5000 – about the Chinese cuisine has today, not counting meals home cooking. But enjoy the four main culinary schools, which in turn are divided into twenty most famous style, if desired.

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