Helpful advice to those who packs a suitcase


China is very large and it all depends on what money you have and what you expect from the trip. From the rest of you get the most pleasure from communication with nature, sightseeing or walking through the bazaars and supermarkets?

If you just want a cheaper dress-shod family, try Chinese food and a haircut for the exotic in the Chinese barber shop, you will be completely satisfied with any border town. If you needed for happiness blue sea and white sand, then go to the tropical. Hainan, when the beauty of nature – in Tibet. And if you want to see China “in one bottle”, then travel to Beijing. As with any capital city, it is the whole country in miniature. And take my word – if it is true popular expression “to see Paris and die”, it is no less true, less tragic, “and return to Beijing to see the content.” Traditionally, the “velvet season” in China is considered to be September-October and April-May – not so hot. However, Beijing and other northern cities are good and in the summer months.

What documents are required from you? Standard set – passport and visa. When placing suitcases, not get carried away, and remember that you are going not autonomous circumnavigation. Clothes take a minimum and it is not obscherasprostranenny call. I do not know even a single tourist who would not have bought in China – a country of cheap textiles. In China, for liberties in clothing calmly. You do not insult anyone’s morality no shorts, no cleavage, or deep cuts. Maybe you will stare, but it’s still going to happen, so do not complex and dress as you like.

Shoes take the most convenient, because during excursions you will have to walk a lot. Keep in mind that the shoes in China to buy is much more complex than the clothes – Chinese styles designed for the fan, and the size is usually too small to Russians.

Medications must be taken, as the Chinese pharmacies replenish their own stocks will be difficult – you are unlikely to know how Chinese called aspirin. But on the other hand, take a little medicine and only the most necessary – can be a problem at customs. Pay particular attention to the activated carbon, festal, enzistal and so on. Sorry for the prose, but some of the change of the usual type of food, water, or simply by unusual Chinese spices begin stomach problems.

Toilet only useful to you on the train. As a general rule, a fairly wide range of everything you need will be waiting for you in the bathroom of your room.

Restock cosmetics in China will be difficult, as the European class cosmetics (Yves Saint Laurent, Versace and Kenzo) is even more expensive than in Russia. The Chinese cosmetics cheaper but lower quality.

And, of course, what a trip without a camera, better built-in flash? Do not try to bring film into China, where it is sold on every corner. Film development and printing of photos are very cheap. Try to be sure to take a trip to China camcorder.Many historical monuments in the country are different scale and without a panoramic shooting to capture them pretty hard.

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