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When planning a trip to China, most of us refers to these plans as an unusual adventure. And this is understandable – a mysterious and extraordinary country   simply does not exist.  China is a country that can be proud of its ancient civilization and culture, whose age has more than one millennium.

But the main thing is not even that. The important thing is that all the perceptions and expectations are not met –   China knows how to surprise, so the experience   will be twice as much!

And   if you are curious to see in one trip – brilliant cultural monuments and magnificent natural heritage, all this – Sichuan Province. Believe me –   at least once in life, but here it is necessary to visit.

Sichuan – picturesque and interesting areas where open special tourist routes that attract a wide vnimaniezhiteley Chinese   and foreign turistov.Plodorodnye land of this region and  the amazing beauty of nature poets sang of another 2 000 years ago. This area protects the very sky, they believed. Since Sichuan is called: “The kingdom, ruled by Heaven.”

Already out of the airplane you admire opening scene: beautiful, if hairy, green mountain tops and glaciers. And this beauty   is confirmed and appears in all its splendor directly on the ground.

Sichuan Province is rich in natural  reserves  , and places that are even specially prepared for a surprise visitor with its unique beauty. One of these routes passes near Dzyuzhaygou. When you get into this mountainous area, you realize how little you even saw … And often regret that there is in the hands of such a technique that can capture the beauty of the natural landscape – lake with turquoise water, steps waterfalls and untouched by civilization forests and snow-capped peaks mountains, and that it was in the same frame together.   And most importantly, you begin to understand how simple and affordable, you can return the peace of mind, if you have the opportunity to come to such a place.

Leisurely walk through the neat paths, breathe in pure mountain air, if desired, to photograph unique views on memory, and of course, the beauty of Mother Nature wonder once again and thank her for her generosity. This place, which is not just can not tell! And you should start with the fact that the airport of the city is located at an altitude of 3000 meters from the urovnyamorya. Then the bus will carry you through the beautiful mountain road is even higher – in a city that you will look forward to. It is small but has a lovely quiet and comfortable hotel offers a comfortable, quiet rooms and infrastructure.

Sichuan_1And if you stay here for a day for three or four, this place will reveal all its beauty and make love and remember it forever. Agree, not every month or even a year get the opportunity to go to the foothills of Tibet. And if you choose this route, I assure you, you will not regret it ever. During these three or four days, you will see not only the lakes and waterfalls, The beauty of which are now not even guess.

You will be charmed Tibetan village, the simplicity of their residents, Buddhist temples and the greatness and beauty of the Himalayas. And if the tourists are interested in the story of these places – you need to tell you about a pretty famous place not far from Huanlonga – a world famous canyon with karst lakes.

The Chinese appreciate its nature and the environment and to maximally preserve the beauty of these places and allow her to see more people, built at the foot of the hotel. And next to the cable car had a lift up the mountain. Then begins a pedestrian road along the scenic spots. Spring Mountain decorated with blooming azalea, summer green grass and flowers, and in the autumn woods change color and you will charm colorful autumn foliage. The path does not close – 7 kilometers, but if you take it not in a hurry, resting on a specially prepared for this purpose venues or simply benches waiting   for you at the road,  and do not forget to tune in for a long walk – this route will remain in the bank memory of any as yet another beautiful day in nature.

Escheodno of the most interesting places – is Mount Qingcheng.

Mount_QingchengMount Qingcheng are located in the County Guan County, west otadministrativnogo center Sichuan – Chengdu City.They are adjacent to the ancient Dujiangyan irrigation facilities, and also are among the attractions of China.

Mount Qingcheng are the cradle of Chinese religions – Taoism. It is believed that the mountains occupy fifth place idevyatoe “on conditions for learning Taoist and landscape to attract the gods”, respectively. Qingcheng are among the five most beautiful mountains in China. It is believed that Mount Qingcheng are back to the snow-covered ridge and face-to Minshan Chuansi plain that in the western province of Sichuan. Damyanshan Peak – the highest point, and the Tianshi Cave (“Senior Taoist”) – heart of the mountains Qingcheng. The area of ​​the rock mass – 120 square meters. km away.The Qingcheng Mountain has 36 peaks, 72 caves, 108 scenic spots. Beautiful majestic mountains and natural landscapes covered with thick evergreen forests and bamboo thickets slopes. Ridge resembles a ring and a distance it looks like a fortress, why was the name Qingcheng, which means “green fortress”. Those or other features of Qingcheng Mountain nahodyatsvoe reflected in almost all the values ​​of the character “U”: peace and quiet (quiet Taoist temples and gardens), grace (red elegant staircase in the mountains), finesse and softness (subtle and delicate fragrance of wild flowers and herbs ), euphony (birds singing), opacity (on the mountain slopes a lot temnyhi deep caves), funny (in the mountains there are made with humor sculptures of gods and men), interesting (on the mountains spread interesting legends and stories). With Qingcheng linked many interesting events, including occurring with famous people. Charm transparent sources and mountain streams leads visitors to think about the beautiful, paired calligraphic inscriptions on the pillars of pavilions involve them in the mysteries of the history of the gray and stone steps leading them into deep gorges. No wonder the ancient thinker said: “Qingcheng – the only place in the world where all the values ​​of the character” U “exist in their entirety.”

The complex structures of Dujiangyan irrigation construction -blestyaschaya jewel of ancient China. Despite his advanced age – more than 2,200 years – a set so far it is about people. Dujiangyan is located at the foot of the mountains Yuyley located in zapadnoychasti County Guan County, Sichuan Province, and is the highest point in the northwest plains of Chengdu. Numerous tributaries merge into the Minjiang River Basin in its upper reaches. Because of the Minjiang River otgrozheniya problem with irrigation fields eastern plains, which limited the development of local agriculture.

In the era of Warring Li Bing – ruler of Shu – caring about the people makes a trip along the banks of Min River, explored the terrain of the mountain area and the hydrography of the river. Around 250 BC. e. he organized the population of Shu in the work to create a tunnel and dam postroykevodorazdelnoy in rapid waters of Min River, digging canals in the plain and disposal of water for irrigation of fields. Thus, the adverse natural conditions were used for the benefit of the population, and the Chengdu Plain into a real barn and was named “Tian fuchzhigo.” A large complex irrigation systems.Dujiangyan considered original scientific object and shows a breakthrough in the construction of irrigation in ancient China, during which was taken way to divert water without the aid of the dam. Facilities located in the hub area of ​​the plain.

In its main part of the complex consists of three buildings: the watershed dam Fenshuyyuytszyuy (“Pastryby”), anti-flood channel Feyshayan (“Fugitive Sands”), drainage facilities Bao Pinkou (“The neck of the bottle magic”). These structures, buduchitesno connected with each other, interact in a single complex, restricting and regulating each other, together constitute a carefully planned and rational distribution of hydraulic structures, while performing irrigation, flood control and transport functions. Dujiangyan is located in an extremely beautiful area, rich historical dostoprimechatelnostyami.Krupnomasshtabnye irrigation, majestic mountains, beautiful gardens, exciting legends, the temple Fulun (“Lying Dragon”), the temple Erwan (“Dvabogatyrya”), and a suspension bridge attracts many domestic and foreign tourists . In 2000, Mount Qingcheng and the Dujiangyan complex of buildings included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

Sichuan is rich and varied, will satisfy the request   of the tourist in any tourist destination   . This province will love those who love urban itineraries and civilization.

And the main cultural and historical and financial center of Sichuan – is its capital – the city of Chengdu.

The city not only has a unique culture and history, but also surprises visitors with its architecture. And if we talk about architecture – a direct confirmation of this daosistkie temples and monasteries preserved from 220 – 280 years of our era … where guests can meet    monks in white robes, with long beards and temple halls typical Chinese Buddhist architecture, with   figures of Lao Tzu or Buddha .
The temple grounds are both calm and not crowded park. No, not in a hurry. Parishioners gradually perform their rites and rest. Visitors who came to chat, choose a shady avenues and tea houses, to chat over a glass of tea, and the tourist is able to capture the architecture and leisurely national flavor. The town is proud of its  beautiful parks,  loved by tourists and townspeople. Here you can look at the tea house and see the tea ceremony, the whole family can sit at the Chinese favorite game “Mahjong” or enjoy the paintings of the rest of the townspeople. And what exactly they are able to enjoy the rest – who writes the water characters, who joined the group classes Kung – Fu or just turned on the portable player and dancing a waltz.

In the parks and you can eat and walk around the souvenir shops – in general, these destinations are loved by all.   And if you talk about it on the city – you can not fail to mention that this is the standard of Sichuan Chinese cuisine, and is called the capital city of Chengdu’s hottest and delicious food. This is the first city in Asia, which is named Unesco World wealth of taste. And restaurants, tea houses and cafes are rife. there are whole so nazyvaёmye “obzhornye street”, on which the door is not closed the cafe just round the clock! and everyone finds a favorite, and in his opinion, the most delicious restaurant. But that’s not all that famous capital of Sichuan. Here you should definitely visit the “panda park” – is not just a park and a nursery where they grow “national treasure” – panda bears. Here on the vast territory created the most natural conditions of this wonderful animal offspring to increase  the number and .Bolshie white  and small red pandas live here in huge aviaries amidst lush greenery and accessories for the game.

They live well in this nursery and  please bear his cheerful view of adults and children who come here on excursions iprogulki.

Any journey in this unique country, flies very quickly. And already on the plane, flying home, you will be   warmth to reminisce about his journey   and  the beauty of these places, knowing that  a piece of your heart will remain in this country forever.

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