Shopping in Shanghai

About fabulous shopping opportunities in China, heard everyone who is going to the country. And shopping is not limited “collector’s” Rolex watches for ten dollars or fifteen Gucci handbag. While these products can be purchased in numerous markets counterfeiting in China.

The capital of China is traditionally considered shopping Shanghai – one of the largest commercial cities in the world. There are regularly held fashion week, conferences, sales, exhibitions, etc. It Shanghai at the time of the first Chinese cities into contact with European culture and to this day remains an advanced metropolis, set the tone for the country as a part of the sale of consumer goods and tourists.

Markets in Shanghai

The first thing that gets in the eyes of the traveler, arriving in Shanghai – are the numerous markets rynochke and shopping area. However, the markets in China are only for those who love a bargain and well able to do it. Well – it does not mean while on holiday in Turkey or Egypt to negotiate a discount in a couple of dollars on the bracelet. Bargaining – it means being able to gracefully get stubborn seller to lower the price by at least 50%. The fact that the Shanghai market the first price announced by the seller of the product is able to shock the unprepared buyer, the real value is always two to three times lower. By the way, Chinese figures show better on the calculator, rather than the fingers, as in China, on the fingers is not considered as in the rest of the world.
One of the most famous markets in the Shanghai market is counterfeit Xiang Yang Fake Market, which is open daily from 10-00 to 20-00. This market is a pavilion near the underground metro station Teshnology Shanghai museum. It sells accessories, footwear and clothing almost all brands at ridiculous prices. Many Chinese come here to buy goods in large quantities and sell it much more expensive than in other cities. The most popular products here are watches, bags, mobile phones and souvenirs. As experts say such a “create fake ‘shopping, many new items of clothing and footwear appearing on the market just after a few weeks of the field how fashion collections presented on the catwalks of the world.
Another popular market in Shanghai where you can buy any clothes and shoes, a market on the street Huahay – old shopping street in one of the busiest areas of the city. Not far from it is a well-known market, which look like a seamstress and needlewoman, – a market of tissues on the street Lutszyaban (Lujiabang), 399 in the southern part of the Bund. The market is a huge three-story building, which put an unimaginable amount of tissue all the possible textures, colors and shades. On the same market, you can not only buy your favorite fabrics and accessories, and make any article of clothing – from bathing suit to a wedding dress on the existing templates or your own design. In this market, you need a very good and hard to bargain as prices inflate in several times.
For souvenirs, gifts and antiques tour is better to go to a special antique market outside Dongtai (Dongtai) – a kind of Mecca for lovers of vintage knick-knacks. It opens its doors every day, more than 120 small shops with an incredible amount of interesting goods. The most popular of them are the product of bronze, porcelain, jade, calligraphy, oil paintings, ancient ink image, as well as items related to the cult of Mao. This market is one of the most crowded throughout Shanghai and did not come here because they are very fond of Chinese antiques, but because most of the visitors come to the antique market to look for interesting products, bargain and just talk. If you wish to buy something, there should also be desperately trying to reduce the price.
It is no secret that many people come to China and particularly in Shanghai, in order to indulge in the latest models of gadgets at affordable prices. Any digital products and items related to computers sold in the market on the street Saybermart Central Huai Hai at the intersection with the street Xi Zang, who works every day from 10:00 until 20:00. In dozens of stores in this market you can find everything from laptops and mobile phones to printers, music players, and the most unusual gadgets. Also unimaginable number of Chinese brands on the market and sold products such global giants as NEC, IBM, Apple, Sony. Although, who knows whether they are authentic items …

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