Helpful advice to those who will taste the Chinese cuisine


1. In Beijing, you can eat at the 10 and 1,000 yuan. But usually, the prices depend not only on the quality of the food, but on the situation and the “coolness” of the restaurant. The restaurants in the two tables are prepared as tasty as in the luxury, unless the waiter not breathing behind you.

2. Usually restaurants are designated by two big red balls, lanterns above the entrance (all similar to the “red light district” of place!). If blue balls – this is a restaurant for the Muslims.

3. Always take polportsii or one serving for two! Otherwise, you run the risk of bursting. In China, the company has adopted the concept of “serving” has no relation to the standards of individual consumption. On the first day in China, my wife and I ordered two servings of dumplings in broth and soon received two five-liter tureen.

4. In China, fish is considered to be much more exotic than meat, so, unlike in Russia, a lot more expensive, especially for seafood.

5. Alcohol is fairly cheap in China, the existence of cognac or wine a few years ago, most Chinese people do not even suspect. Therefore, not the fact that they will in any restaurant. Vodka is a traditional drink in China, but, in contrast to the Russian vodka, she insisted on a variety of plants and animals, and every variety of vodka (and there are hundreds) has its rather sharp taste and smell. His most popular drink – beer, which is China’s incredibly cheap and tastes good. I recommend “Qingdao” – better than Bavarian.

6. visited China and not try Peking duck? This dish first appeared in the imperial kitchens of the Ming Dynasty, and the first restaurant Serve this pudding was founded more than 400 years ago. To prepare this dish was placed a special sort of ducks and cutting a whole – is a small cooking show. Chef drives up on a special table and begins to duck quickly to wield a knife, cutting into 120 slices. And each piece is and the skin and meat. Slices with herbs wrapped in thin pancakes and eaten dipped in a sauce.

7. The Chinese eat with chopsticks, so you can not knock the sticks on the table, cutlery and about one another. It is said that when someone does so, then the cook “heart jumps.” Knock sticks expresses dissatisfaction badly cooked food. Do not abruptly throwing sticks on the table, they should be carefully spread or passed from hand to hand. It is impossible to cross sticks together or put them in different ends. Do not place them on top of bowls. After graduating from chopsticks to put next to it. Chopsticks picking up food from a common dish you need to follow to get your sticks are not faced with chopsticks neighbor. It is impossible to stick a stick in a bowl of rice – according to popular belief it is believed that this can be a self-fulfilling death.

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