Wedding in China

In recent years, more and more enamored couples decide to get married in the most unusual places and exotic countries. In addition to popular destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Thailand and the Maldives, many newlyweds opt for their ceremony, China.

This country offers both classic wedding with all European traditions, as well as more unusual for us Chinese national wedding event. Naturally, most of them are more than staged performances as himself wedding ritual in China begins long before the wedding and has many subtleties and nuances. But in any case the ceremony in China is expected to be bright, unusual and memorable.

Weddings on the island of Hainan

Traditionally, the most popular destination that is selected for its actions arriving to China lovers, is a tropical island of Hainan. You can hold a lavish ceremony, after which enjoy plenty of honeymoon on the white sand under the hot sun.Moreover, the wonderful nature and developed infrastructure of the island offers a wide range of options for a comfortable and carefree vacation. As a rule, the marriage ceremony in Hainan includes worshiping the tree of happiness – an indispensable element of the Chinese wedding.
Very popular as a wedding in the most attractive part of the island – in the Park End of the World in three dozen kilometers from the city of Sanya. In this part of China’s sea meets the land, which randomly scattered stones bizarre shapes. At one time this place was visited by many famous people and politicians in China, leaving calligraphic inscriptions on rocks and stones. A special attraction of this place are the two the crossed stone, hidden from prying eyes in the back of the park. It was here that the couple like to be photographed.On the beach, you can also touch to the Stone of wealth or stones broken heart. Besides these symbolic blocks, many other stones on the beach have their legends – this will tell the organizers of weddings and ordinary residents. Every year in this park are magnificent celebration of the lovers, when thousands of families come here, and happy couples from all over China and even from other countries. It is considered a special luck to register their marriage in this day and visit the park End of the World. By the way, even the official ceremony of marriage registration in China is related to the old traditions and beliefs. It is believed that the young declare lawful spouses should be only when it is the second half-hour, that is, when the hands go up on the dial. The Chinese believe that marriage is created at this time, would be the best, and the family will be rich, healthy and happy.
Many lovers choose the venue for the wedding ceremony in Hainan ethnographic village of Miao and Li. Today this place is not authentic village and ethnographic tourist complex that does not make it a less popular and attractive. In this village, displayed life, customs and way of life of these peoples. Visitors are invited to spend an unusual wedding ceremony in national clothes with collars of fruit and nut trees special ceremonial songs.
After registration of this young should visit the temples located in the village. In one of the temples it is believed that evil spirits can scare off a noise and therefore give the visitors at the entrance of a large wooden stick, which should knock on the drums, plates and other items. It is believed that the more noise to be issued, the more happiness will be in a new family, and the further they go from evil spirits. The newly spouses can also go to the temple, where worship the buffalo head. Here, at the entrance to hang eight skulls, each of which need to touch. The Chinese believe that after this ritual in the family will be wealth and prosperity. By the way, all newlyweds who come to the village tells the fascinating legend at the entrance to one of the churches. Some time ago, Miao and Li was taken to make young girls, married, tattoos on the face and body.It was believed that foreign men are afraid of tattooed beauties and married the girl will always be faithful to their spouses. Now there is no such tradition, but in one of the temples can be seen an old Chinese woman, her whole face, and most of the body is covered with blue tattoos.

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