Activities on the island of Hainan

The magnificent tropical island of Hainan is a separate province of the People’s Republic, especially popular with beach lovers surrounded by unique flora and fauna. In addition, fans arrive here diving and families with small children, as the true island paradise offers the perfect leisure opportunities for all categories of tourists.

Moreover, Hainan attracts vacationers and its magnificent weather – almost 300 days a year the sun shines over the island. The average annual temperature in this part of China is + 25 degrees Celsius, and water, and even more – 26 degrees. The best time of rest a few months from March to October, while the coolest are December, January and February.

Where to rest in Hainan?

Total on the Chinese island of Hainan there are four main resort that is popular with tourists. It is the city of Sanya, Yalong Bay, Sanya and Sanyavan. Regardless of the resort, it is worth remembering that all beaches in the local resorts are municipal, and usually, they are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest – umbrellas, deck chairs, toilets and showers with fresh water. As for the quality of beaches on the island of Hainan entire coastline is covered with fine and soft sand, and in most places, the entrance into the water is very smooth and gradual that parents appreciate having a rest with small children.
The most expensive and elite area considered Yalong, who is nearly three dozen kilometers from Shenzhen. This place is known for its wide beaches with white sand, on which the expensive luxury resorts and hotels, as well as the largest diving center, spa and beauty salon. In addition, Yalong Bay is the most clean and clear water, and the sea is quiet and a bit cooler than in other parts of the island. However, there are virtually no evening and night-time entertainment, for which will need to go to Sanya. Such a trip would cost about 50 yuan each way.
A total of three to four kilometers from Sanya Resort Sanya is located, especially popular with surfers, who come here for the “right” winds. However, choosing a place for relaxation, it is worth remembering that the beaches are often crowded Dadunhaya not only tourists but also locals who come here to large companies and entire families. Most Chinese do not come to the beach to soak up the sun or frolic in the water, and to just sit on the beach to see the sea and the white-skinned tourists.
Not far from the airport of Sanya is the youngest and developing resort of the island – Sanyavan. The main drawback of this place is that all the beaches are located just across the street from the hotel. In addition, the water is not as clear as in Yalong expensive, but to compensate this small minus are completely stunning surrounding landscape, which you can admire the infinite, and which affects its ineffable beauty and colors.
The most popular by far is the resort city of Sanya. He is also known as the Chinese Hawaii for their stunning beaches and picturesque views from them. Sanya is and tropical vegetation and long beaches, some of which are even quiet and secluded. In addition, Sanya reigns constantly comfortable climate and well developed infrastructure. This place is especially coveted in recent years, tourists as well as residents of the northern part of China, who come here to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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