Prices, sales in Shanghai

Going shopping in Shanghai, it is worth remembering that in most grocery stores and major city state stores have fixed prices, what is often reported information boards. In all other places – in markets, souvenir shops, shops and sometimes in shopping centers need to skillfully and persistently bargain as the price mentioned often in three – five times more than real.

In Shanghai, as in most other cities in the world, regularly hosts huge sales. They come in both traditional seasonal and confined to some events. The most popular of the latter are sales before public holidays – European New Year, Happy New Year on the Chinese calendar, May 1, October 1 (National Day of the People’s Republic of China), Mid-Autumn Festival (usually in mid-September). In these days of discounts in shopping malls and boutiques reach 70 – 80%, which attracts huge crowds of buyers from all over China and from other countries. By the way, it should be borne in mind that in many of Shanghai discount stores do not indicate the way we used to. If the window flaunts a poster of 30%, this means that prices in the store is 70%.
In addition, the experienced experts of the Asian shopping advised not to buy anything in China without trying. Given the growth and characteristics of Chinese women figures should not be fascinated even the low price, thinking that liked a dress is not difficult to lose weight or somehow squeeze into branded skirt doll size, but with a 80 percent discount. As for women’s shoes, then in Shanghai it is very difficult to find the shoes larger than .38.
Finally, when buying bulk products in bulk and tea should be remembered that a measure of weight in China is not the kilogram, and “jin”, which equals about 500 grams and that for the “I Ching” specified price.

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