Travel of Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is located almost on the outskirts of Beijing to the southern part, which is known as Chongwen. The easiest way to get to the area, located about four kilometers from the city center, will be on the Beijing subway.

Tiantan Dongmen Station called and it is the fifth subway line. Coming out of the subway, the tourists will be on the side of the east gate of the Temple of Heaven. Also here you can reach and land transport – buses №№ 3, 6, 17, 20, 35, 39, 54, 106, 116, 120, 122, 803. Gate of the Temple of Heaven are open daily from 06-00 am till 22 -00 pm. The main building of the complex and work with 08-00 to 17-30 for the season from March to the end of June, with 08-00 to 18-00 in high season from June to the end of October and from 08-00 to 17-00 from November till the end February. Going on a trip here in winter is to dress appropriately – in a warm jacket, coat, jacket, coat. The fact that the area of ​​the Temple of Heaven is blown by winds and in winter it is very cold. As for shoes, it would be better to give preference to non-slip boots or shoes without a heel. Much of the complex is paved with tiles, which in winter becomes quite slippery, and walking on her heels unsafe.
The cost of visiting the Temple of Heaven in Beijing is changing depending on the season. In the low season to visit this temple complex is a 10-yuan and in the high ticket price is 30 yuan.
By the way, if you go here by taxi, it usually stops the car near the eastern gate of the Temple. To their left, you can see the ticket booth where tickets are sold at the Temple and all the attractions on its territory. It would be a bit cheaper than buying tickets inside the complex in each of the objects separately. The ticket office is also possible to hire an audio guide in English, German, Spanish and other languages, if you do not want to inspect the complex with an organized tour group.

During a visit to this holy place for the Chinese, tourists should keep in mind the rules of decorum and behavior in such places. The complex, which is under UNESCO protection, non-smoking, littering, swimming in pools and climb on the monuments. It is also forbidden to walk their pets, fish and dig up the plants – it is written in a memo issued to tourists.Also at the Temple of Heaven photograph is prohibited for professional photo and video equipment, without the express permission of the administration. A separate item in the rules of conduct highlighted the fact that in the Temple of Heaven is strictly forbidden to sing – this restriction applies mostly to Chinese tourists. The fact that in China all love to sing and sing loudly and at any time, as soon as they want to. Singing in the country like so that make it not only in the morning in the shower or while hiking in karaoke, but also in broad daylight on the street, at work, at the store. However, in the temple complex is accepted to keep quiet and talk without raising his voice.

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