The Milky Way in the world


Huangguoshu Falls is known throughout the China. In people, it is called “Milky Way on Earth.” His height – 74 meters, width 81 meters and Huangguoshu is the largest in China and one of the “broad and majestic waterfalls in the world.”

Condition of water in the Huangguoshu waterfall varies according to the season. In winter, water is scarce and she gently flowing down, like dozens of the finest silk. In summer and autumn the water comes and then the waterfall is a magnificent spectacle and amazing.

Admire Huangguoshu waterfall can be three points. Firstly, with the part extending near to the highway, that is viewed from the top down. Second, you can admire them from the gazebo “Guanbotin” located on the opposite side, that is, to look at him directly. Yellow rocks, emerald green trees, snow-white curtain falls merged and created a majestic picture that is quite different from that which can be seen from the highway: from the point of the waterfall as it was like to cut a piece of gold. Here you can admire the wide panorama, feeling the grandeur and majesty of the falls.

And, thirdly, it is possible to get close to the waterfall behind it and enjoy the view from the “Shuylyandun” – caves “water curtains”. This – the most beautiful place near a waterfall.

The cave more than a hundred meters, and depth – more than twenty meters. “Shuylyandun” consists of five pavilions, each of which is arranged a place where you can “touch the waterfall,” “feel the force of the wind,” “listen to the whisper of the water”…

Usually, when late in the evening the tourists leave the area of the waterfall, it appears before your eyes in a completely different way: by means of modern lighting technology panorama waterfall “Huangguoshu” turned into a fantasy world.The multi-colored rays of light falls prevrashaetsya the fabulous labyrinth …

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