What to buy in China

Since ancient times, China is world famous for its precious silk fabrics. Merchants from all over the world fought for the opportunity to trade it in silk. Today, anyone can buy this delicate tissue, with very inexpensive.

However, the risk of running into a fake on the Russian market and the CIS countries is too great. Poor quality material can shed or cause health problems – for example, cause severe allergies. But traders in China are committed to meet the wishes of the most demanding customers – the price of goods when it is appropriate. Silk kimono, home clothes, wall panels, decorated with patterns and scenes from everyday life of the Chinese – the choice is huge. If you went around the market, but you still did not choose – buy a few meters of fabric shade liked. When you come back from China, use the services of a seamstress and sew a dress suitable style.

What to buy in China as gifts for men? Shoes made of genuine leather coated with these characters, bringing happiness and good luck. These shoes can be worn instead of slippers, they are incredibly comfortable.

If you – a lover of culinary delights, visit one of the food markets in Beijing. There you can buy a black long-grain rice, low calorie rice cake, colored rice noodles. But the best Chinese souvenir that you can imagine – tea. Classic black, soft green, exquisite white and red tart … buy it in bulk in the tea shops – there are those in every city of China. The cost of 100 grams. first-class tea ranges from 5-20 €.

The Chinese like Russian vodka. In Beijing, you can buy healing tincture to “fire water” – inside a glass bottle enclosed snake venom which helps cure colds, rheumatism, lung disease, and kidney stones. In China it is called “hot cure”, it passes a special filter and insist on beneficial herbs and roots – ginseng devyasile, plantain and celandine. The jar of alcohol put even a live snake, it poured a bottle of vodka and sealed. There are cases where for the production of strong drink mistakenly used vipers, so do not buy vodka “with hands”, it is better to visit a large supermarket and buy there.

Did you know that the majority (about 90 percent) of the world’s production of pearls and jewelry out of it is concentrated in China? Many tourists, considering pearls good investment, get a few threads, even if you do not nourish a special passion for jewelry.

Continuing the theme of Chinese medicines, advise to visit a local pharmacy. Visitors from China, talk about the miraculous antiseptic solution, similar to our Zelenka. It promotes the healing of venous ulcers, festering wounds and post-operative scars. It is worth nothing at all – about 3 €. China has in recent years started a real boom in the patches.Bring a miracle patch that will ease menstrual pain, reduce the temperature and tame played out sciatica.

What can you buy in China lover cosmetic jars and vials? Miracle cream on the basis of the placenta, algae and extracts from egg whites eliminate acne and smooth wrinkles, and fragrances based on natural ingredients in pencils Stick can always carry with them. Highly prized cloth facial masks, but in recent years it easy to find in Russia.

At the world famous Chinese porcelain. On the market you can find Pearl graceful pitchers decorated with gold leaf and bowls with handles of ivory. Of course, the particular popularity earned tea and coffee sets made of this material.Decorate the interior of your home excellent floor vase, made of him the same. Chinese vase – the crown of the art of the nation. For centuries they have been the hallmark of the country’s arts and crafts. True, it is worth a good vase expensive – from 100 to 500 €. In the markets there is a chance of running into fake porcelain, buy this piece of furniture in the store is best handicrafts. China should be pure white, with no stains or inclusions, as the vase quality should not be chipped or cracked.

The price of Chinese goods such as perfume (made on the supposedly “license”), a replica of cell phones and branded things and lures – hand she reaches for his wallet. Do not try to be tempted on the purchase. Equipment fails a maximum of two months, and rough seams on the dress will be given a cheap knockoff.

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