The best shops in Shanghai

In addition to the colorful Chinese market in Shanghai are worthy of attention and great brand boutiques, as well as the most modern shopping malls that attract customers with its bright windows.

So far, none of the tourists failed to pass the largest pedestrian street with hundreds of stores on it – East Nanjing Road. There are shops all available in China brands of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, sporting goods, etc. It is here come those customers who can not or do not like to bargain and prefer to buy high-quality and inexpensive goods. Here you can buy high-quality Chinese and cosmetics that is not represented in Russia. When selecting masks, creams and other means for skin care should be remembered that the majority of Chinese cosmetics are bleaching, so that point should be checked before purchase. Find this shopping street East Nanjing Road is easy – it is ryazhom metro station of the same name.
Fans of branded goods and exclusive gizmos is to go to the mall Plaza 66, where all the news of the world of fashion and which is designed for customers who are used to not counting money. Those who want to bring from Shanghai Ciba traditional Chinese dress, it is worth walking through the boutiques on the streets Myaomin (Miaoming) and Changle (Changle), where there are several shops selling clothing in a traditional Chinese style. Many of the shops are workshops in which favorite outfit quickly Adjust the size of the buyer.
Arriving in Shanghai, and worth a look in the French region known as the French Concession. Here, at one time inhabited by the French colonial regime, and today in this charming area on the street Huayhu (Huaihu) you can visit the luxury boutiques and indulge in expensive silk dress or a cute designer handbags. For things fashion houses Chanel, Dior, Armani, Calvin Klein and Prada Zapadnauyu Mauger go to Nanjing Road, home to some of the best shopping center of the city. In addition, it has the best restaurants and entertainment venues of the city.
It is unlikely to return to China without several packs of local green tea. To approach his choice is with a certain degree of responsibility and to buy something that costs less than 350 – 400 yuan, then to take him home in half the world, it is not necessary. In Shanghai, a huge number of specialized tea shops, but the most reasonable prices for this product can be found on some specific markets where before buying selected tea brew and offered to try. A good selection of teas can be found in Laoximen tea plaza at the metro station Laoximen in Shanghai Datong Road Tea Market Street Datong Road. Here are sold and special teapots, tea sets and pretty. In conventional supermarkets, usually presents the most affordable types of tea, which is hardly something to surprise the buyer.
In addition, many tea imported from China a great quality silk and silk products. Since Shanghai is located near a major producer of silk – Suzhou City, here you can find silk products of good quality at affordable prices. Locals prefer to buy silk in a shop on the street Huahay (Huaihai) House 226, just off Huatin Lu (Huating Lu) and Nanjing Road (Nanjing) House 588).

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