Weddings in metropolitan areas and not only

In addition to the hot island of Hainan, some couples choose the place for the ceremony the Chinese capital. In Beijing, there are no beaches like in Hainan, but the city mozhnet boasts a huge number of historical sites, which are usually visited by the couple, as well as scenic parks.

In addition, in the capital of the Middle Kingdom is plenty of hotels that offer wedding packages for couples. The hotel can be made as the registration itself and the banquet and wedding night.The most popular Beijing Marriott Hotel West, with its elegant lobby, marble staircases and luxurious rooms, where guests will feel royals.
After the official ceremony, the young can go on a romantic night walk through Beijing or together with friends to go to have fun in one of the popular night cubes city. By its beauty is not inferior to Beijing and Shanghai, offering a variety of options in love for wedding ceremonies. Some of these programs will include visits to such iconic places as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, The Bund, etc. In the central part of the city is a luxury hotel Gran Melia Shanghai, where they like to celebrate weddings wealthy residents of China and many European couples. It offers breathtaking views of the river and Puxi and the main pride of the hotel is its own golf course.
Recently, more and more couples are hesitant to tie the knot on the island of pirates in 50 kilometers from the island of Hainan. This place is rich in flora and fauna, as well as the pristine beauty and privacy. Recently, this island was closed to visitors, which helped to preserve the local nature and delightful coral around the island. You can get here only by ordering a wedding ceremony in one of the specialized agencies. “Savages” here, unfortunately, will not work to get.Typically, the wedding package includes, among other things diving, sailing on a boat with a transparent afternoon, a romantic dinner on the beach, and the ceremony is held on the white sandy beach at the edge of the azure sea. Usually, the couple chosen for the ceremony early morning or evening hours when the sun is especially beautiful rises over the horizon and out smoothly for him.
One of the most exotic ceremonies in China will be a wedding not far from the administrative center of Haikou near the volcano Ma Anh. Despite the fact that the volcano is not valid, it looks very impressive, being one of the most well-preserved volcano in the world. The area around the volcano turned into a beautiful park and very unusual – steps to the crater Ma Anh made of magma, and the crater is protected by railings and erected a viewing platform. The wedding ceremony is usually held in a palm grove near the crater or of the observation platform.


Prices and hotels

As well as the usual travel, wedding tour or the couple can plan and organize yourself or buy a ready-made. Similar tours “turnkey” excluding airfare cost a minimum of 2 500 – 3000 USD (90 000 – 108 000) to infinity. They can be purchased at travel agencies or Russia is already in place – in China. In addition, most hotels offer world-known network services organization in love weddings or individual services such as catering and the “wedding packages” on their wedding night.For example, a wedding package from the hotel Sheraton Sanya Resort 5 * on the island of Hainan is worth about US $ 1,300.
This price includes room decoration with flowers, hair styling bride adorned with fresh flowers ceremony space, a bouquet for the bride and boutonniere for the groom, wedding cake, photography, dinner for two at the day of the wedding, a romantic breakfast the next morning, a complimentary yoga class for two. For a surcharge, the program can be added to a special spa treatments for honeymooners, etc. For the 3000 – 5000 US dollars (108 000 – 180 000 rubles) offers several wedding packages Hotel 5 * Sanya Marriott Resort. The price includes accommodation for three days in the best hotel rooms, rent the chapel for the ceremony, leading services, birthday cake, a rain of rose petals, etc.

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