What to buy in Hainan?

Shopping is not a priority recreation in Hainan, but there are enough shopping centers, markets and shops where you can buy gifts for friends and family, as well as souvenirs. The most popular products, which are usually brought from the island of Hainan, are pearls and various products made of it, rock crystal, green tea, as well as the finest silk high quality silk, porcelain, and various Buddhist gizmos.

The most prestigious shops are in the streets in the capital of the island Haysyudunlu – Haikou. Here you can buy shoes, clothes and jewelry. For artistic crafts and creations of local craftsmen is better to go to the market, located on Cape Edge of sea and sky, and the largest shopping centers, where you can immediately buy gifts for the whole family are in Sanya Street Liberation, which takes place in the heart.
With regard to the purchase of fur coats, for which many tourists travel to China, in the resorts of Hainan it can be quite a bargain. Short mink coat in the stores the island there is a chance to buy an average of 1 000 US dollars, and high-quality long fur coat – for 1500 – $ 1700. By the way, making a purchase, do not forget that China can and should haggle. You can bargain a discount to $ 100 or even more, depending on the starting price and the tractability of the seller. The advantage shubnogo shopping on the island is also a fact that there is no limit on the number of exported furs as on the mainland.

How to get there and where to live?

In addition to the acquisition of finished package tours to Hainan, tourists can buy tickets on their own. Regularly from Moscow with direct flights that will take travelers to the island paradise in ten hours. Also to Hainan Island and can be reached via Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing, reseeding in these cities on domestic flights. When planning an independent trip, do not forget that most of the hotels on the island are five-star and lower class hotel is almost there. All of the “Quartet” are located on the second line of the sea, and are very different in quality of service and infrastructure.The most popular hotels in Yalong bay, is the Aegean Conifer Suites Resort Sanya 5 and Crowne Plaza Sanya Hotel 5 *, represents the best combination of price and quality.

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