Tips for tourists traveling to China


Health and safety

In addition to buying rounds and issuing visas, many tourists gather in China to seriously wonder about the necessary vaccinations, especially after some time ago in China was sharply question the bird flu epidemic. As of spring 2015, the mandatory vaccinations to visit China is not required.

However, physicians are advised to be vaccinated against typhoid, hepatitis A, tetanus and diphtheria. In addition, those who enter the territory of the regions of China, where there were cases of “yellow fever” need a certificate which confirms the proper vaccinations.
Regardless of vaccinations in China are advised to observe some safety rules, not to undermine their health. The first of these regulations deals with drinking water. In China, drinking water from the tap is strongly discouraged. Whether or buy bottled water or use an electric kettle or a thermos, which is in every, even the budget, the Chinese hotel. As for the quality of food, it is said to be experienced travelers China, the most delicious food here can not treat in the tourist areas, and in areas where no lead tours and where the locals eat. Most of these places are not too neat little cafes beside the road. It is obvious that the sanitary condition of these institutions is not always up to par. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid such places, but if they really want the exotic, the experienced travelers advise in such cases not to neglect the local spirits “disinfection”. More traditional is the Council to take the necessary medicine from home, just in case. Special restrictions on the importation of drugs in China is not, if these drugs are not narcotic or psychotropic.
Particular care should collect his first-aid kit for people suffering from lung diseases, respiratory system and different types of allergies. The fact that China is not particularly care about the environment, and even the country can not be called the air clean and fresh. As for the big cities, there is often the sky covered with smog and palpable on the streets of a burning smell – which is why many Chinese people wear special masks that cover the mouth and nose, or just half of the face with a handkerchief knotted. It is worth adding that in China, smoking is allowed almost everywhere – it is good news smokers, but gives little pleasure others, especially those suffering from lung diseases.
With regard to security, the advice here is quite familiar and traditional. Valuables and money should not leave bags and suitcases, and in-room safe or at the reception of the hotel. Before the trip to China is recommended to make a copy of passport and record phone Russian consulate in case of emergencies. In the case of domestic conflict situations, for example, supervisors in transport should say the word “Budun”, which means “do not understand.” It often helps, and tourists are left alone, even if they have done something wrong.
During the excursions, shopping and exploring the city with him, always have a business card with the address of the hotel written in Chinese. This is to remember and understand the fact that knowledge of English, French and other European languages ​​at a trip to China will not help. Outside big cities like Beijing and Shanghai are nobody speaks in English, even a hotel employee in most cases do not understand, and a couple of words in English. Independently try to reproduce the Chinese name and utter the phrase, too, would be useless, as the country’s many dialects, and even the locals do not always understand each other. In addition, each Chinese word can be spoken with different intonations that change its meaning. Wait for help from taxi drivers in China, too, should not – outside of the big cities, they generally prefer not to deal with obscure foreigners, even if the alien shows a business card of the hotel and it needs a place on the map. That is why at first it would be better to sit in the car and after that stretch to the driver the address, ignoring his protests and shouts, politely but insistently demanding to go to the specified address.

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