What to do on your vacation on Hainan?

On the island of Hainan there is such an abundance of cultural and historical attractions, such as Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai, but this is more than compensated by the mass of natural beauty.

Resting in Hainan, is to visit the magnificent cape called Edge of the sky and the sea, nature reserve Monkey Island with hundreds or even thousands of these tailed creatures, butterflies valley or mountain called Mount sleeping Mao. The most popular attraction of this place is the volcano Ma Anh fifteen kilometers from Haikou. According to the diameter of the crater of the volcano built a viewing platform, which offers fantastic panoramic views of the mouth of the volcano, covered with hardened lava and the surrounding area.
Animal lovers should take a trip to a safari park Dongshan. In one part of the park can be viewed on free walking lions, tigers and bears, while the second part of the park is represented in more peaceful and harmless tourist flora and fauna. Here you can walk, while moving from the first part of the reserve is allowed only on special off-road with the guides. By the way, in this safari park you can look at a unique tigrolva, which China began to breed with the 2001 year.
Do not disappoint Hainan and diving. The rich underwater world of the South China Sea for several years provides a steady flow of divers in this part of China. Average visibility in the water is 20 meters, and you can dive all year round, thanks to the absence of strong currents and comfortable climate.
However, sometimes to reach Hainan echoes of storms passing south and then take the place of divers missed winds surfers. The most popular places for diving are considered Hou Hai Bay, where you can admire the underwater caves, cliffs and colorful coral island Hairdryer Zedong Zhou Tao, Yalong bay with extensive coral colony and the bay Du Xiao Hai, where the depth reaches 15 meters.However, the best place for deep sea diving is considered to be the Pirates’ Island, also known as Wuzhizhou, in three dozen kilometers from Shenzhen. It can be reached by boat in just a quarter of an hour, and the cost of diving is about US $ 100 per person. For this price, tourists can dive on board the boat, and dive from the shore will be cheaper, but the impression there will be no longer the same. Pirate Island is known among divers for its unique underwater plants, corals and amazingly clear water, where visibility reaches the 27 meters.
Relax after outdoor activities, tourists can in one of the many spas or massage center in Hainan. It offers a high quality traditional massage, mineral water baths and other treatments for beauty and health. In recent years gained popularity even some spa tours to Hainan, when holidaymakers arrive in the hotel spa to enjoy local and massages. Prices for the services of the centers range from 200 yuan for a massage. Complex procedures, including a visit to the mineral baths and massages, are about 320 – 370 yuan in two hours.
Legendary Chinese massage gua sha, which restores blood circulation and excellent fatigue, will cost about 120 yuan for half an hour. In addition, work on the island are many hospitals where they treat skin, lung, urological diseases, hypertension, low back pain and many other ailments. By the way, these clinics excluded any surgical intervention, and healing takes place with the use of natural medicines and traditional Chinese therapies.

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