Excursions to the Great Wall of China

Every tourist visiting the Celestial Empire, not to mention the Chinese themselves, considers it necessary to look at the Great Wall of China. As the inscription made by Mao Zedong in one of the parts of the wall: “You’re not real Chinese, if not visited the Great Wall of China.”

That is why, every year is a miracle of light kororyayut several million people from around the world and many tourists from different parts of China. The most visited part of the wall is a portion in the vicinity of Mount Badaling about sixty kilometers from Beijing. At this point the slowness of the walls up to fifty kilometers. Entrance fee at the end of 2013. amounted to 45 billion yuan (about 265 rubles), and visit the sights can be daily from 06-00 to 22-00 in the summer and in the winter 07-00 to 18-00.
Admission to the wall includes a fifteen-minute preview of the film on the construction of Wall of China and a visit to the Museum of the Great Wall of China. And an amphitheater where there is a Cinema, and the museum is open from 09-00 to 16-00 every day without breaks and days off. Getting to this section of the Great Wall of China can be not only a part of the tour, but also independently by bus number 919 in about 5-10 yuan (about 30 – 60 rubles). The bus departs every quarter of an hour from the ancient gate of Deshengmen, located near the metro station Jishuitan. The last bus leaves at Badaling in 18-30. You can also get here by taxi, rent it for the whole day for about 400 yuan (about 2300 rubles).
Not less popular destination is also an excursion to the site Mutyanyu almost a hundred kilometers north of the Chinese capital. This site is open to visitors every day from 06-30 to 18-00 and, as tickets will cost 35 billion yuan (about 205 rubles). This part of the Great Wall of China is interesting by the fact that is located in the picturesque mountainous terrain, and in order to get to the top of the hill you need to use the funicular for 50 yuan (about 295 rubles). From the cable car cabin offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area and the main attractions of the country. By the way, in one of the cabins has a commemorative plaque recalls that it was in the booth once drove former President Bill Clinton.Those who want to diversify the journey, even if the return of the wall can not be done by cable car and on a special chute, where you can slide down in a special capsule. This option is much more fun and quite inexpensive.
The main advantages of the wall section is that there are fewer visitors than in Badaling, the terrain in Mutyanyu more picturesque and ideal for photography. By the way, going here for a visit the Great Wall of China, you have to be prepared for the fact that this area mostly consists of uneven stairs of varying length and height – this was done in order to slow down enemies to get to the wall. Not all visitors can enjoy long walks through this obstacle course. To get to the site of the Great Wall of China in Mutyanyu by bus number 916 to the last stop, where you will transfer to a minibus going to the wall. Stop is located near the subway station Dongzhimen, and travel will cost 11 million yuan (about 65 rubles). Bus number 916 runs every day from 06-00 to 19-00 and.

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