What to bring to China

If you are going on a journey to a distant and mysterious China, with a cost to take such necessary items as sunglasses and sunscreen, a first aid kit with a minimum set of drugs (broad spectrum antibiotics, antipyretics and analgesics, remedies for allergies, from problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and so on. d.) and hygiene products, as well as comfortable clothes and shoes, and a phrase book.

Use it to communicate with the Chinese, showing the desired characters. As for clothing, there to advise something difficult, as, for example, most women take with them even a week’s holiday in almost all of her wardrobe. The only thing that should be remembered that, even going to the hot region, will not be superfluous to capture at least one set of warm clothes (jacket, jacket, sweatshirt and jeans), a hat and umbrella. Do not interfere, and an evening dress on a case visit the restaurant with a dress code. You also need to take care of and comfortable shoes, especially if you plan long trips or hiking. Choosing the best stop on solid shoes with non-slip soles and corrugated.
With regard to the amount of money needed when traveling in China, this time very personal. Someone quite a day 50 US dollars, and someone, and $ 500 will butt. In general, China is considered to be low-cost country, but only if you do not go to museums and attractions to visit. Here you can live in inexpensive hotels and spend on lunch is not more than 7 US dollars, but the basic means will go on the tour. In China, the entrance to the museum is from 5 to US $ 15, national parks – 50 dollars, and in the temples, which are also paid – 2 – $ 10. To roughly calculate their spending, should know that a taxi is 3 – 10 yuan per trip, outdoor pastries and sweets – 10 – 20 yuan, wine about 20 yuan, beer – 4 – 6 yuan. In all this, you can spend about 50 – 100 yuan a day. If there is an opportunity to take more, with paid hotel is to take stock of – at the rate of US $ 100 for the day. The maximum you can bring along up to 3 000 US dollars without documents and certificates and 10 000 dollars to be entered in the declaration. With regard to the currency, which should be taken from Russia to China, it is recommended that the entire amount converted into dollars or yuan. The ideal option would be to take 40% of the amount in dollars and 60% of the amount in RMB. By the way, it should be borne in mind that the checks on currency exchange in China is better to keep to the end of the trip. Plastic cards in China, you can pay only in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and boutiques in the major cities.

And finally …

China is truly amazing, unique and capture the imagination country. However, going on vacation here you need to be prepared for the fact that this country is very different from European countries. Every day here on the eye will fall things, to put it mildly, shocked man with traditional European perception. This is not necessary to focus attention and show the locals their surprise, dissatisfaction, and similar emotions. It is, for example, that the Chinese are very fond of big volume. China has accepted to speak loudly, shout, sing, honk and curse. In addition, Chinese citizens often sing a lot – they do it anywhere and whenever they want. Here you can meet the inhabitants of singing in the shops, in transport or just on the street. Nasty shock may cause unprepared tourists and such things as, for example, the lack of habit to cover the mouth or turn away when coughing or sneezing – there is simply not accepted. China is generally very easy to apply to any physiological manifestations. An example of this, and little children, defecate everywhere and admiring their “products.” However, if we abstract from these things and try not to pay attention, then travel to China will be one of the most memorable adventures.

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