Unusual museums in China

China can not fail to amaze and surprise. Everyone who comes to China, here is something that would always be surprised. It does not mean necessarily that the majority of travelers will be impressed by the Great Wall of China or the most popular museums in Shanghai. There are little-known in China and the exhibition center and museum halls, which can be called the most unusual museums across the country for non-standard items presented in them.

Glass rods and typewriters Shanghai

Shanghai is not only the largest business and Exhibition Center of China, but also a city with a lot of the most unusual museums. In addition to the major national museums that are visited by all the tourists there are interesting places such as the Museum of chopsticks. In such exhibition halls visitors can better experience the culture of the East, rather than walking in the tourist places popularized. Museum of chopsticks (No.16, Lane 303 Huashan Road, Shanghai, China) is open to all free of charge and runs every day from 10-00 to 17-00. This museum is particularly interesting to explore, because it is difficult to imagine any Asian countries and China in particular, without the traditional instruments for eating – no sticks. Sticks in China – this is one of the few things that is common and practically the same for representatives of all segments of the population. Chopsticks are eating in the most fashionable restaurants, as well as in the cheapest roadside cafes. Today the museum exposition contains more than two thousand specimens of chopsticks. Here you can see instruments from different eras made of different materials. One of the most attractive are the silver wand started during the reign of the Tang Dynasty. In addition to historical patterns, the Museum of chopsticks tourists can see the newest and sticks made of modern high-tech materials. The museum also wants to see the process of production of rods, which, surprisingly, has its secrets and subtleties. In this museum you can also buy the book “Chinese Sticks” (in the original «Chinese chopstics»), which is available in Chinese, English and French.
Another interesting free museum in Shanghai is the Museum of typewriters (248 Wuxing Lu, Shanghai, China). Despite the fact that today, this unit is considered a relic of the past and more often it can be seen only in museums, in the Shanghai Museum to these devices are treated with great love and respect. In the halls of the museum visitors are invited to learn the long history of typewriters. Here you can see a small car made of mahogany and metal, which are more than two hundred years – it was released back in the 1802nd year. Next to it is one of the latest models – the more cumbersome electronic device in a plastic “shell.” The museum is open to visitors daily from 10.00 am until 22.00 pm.
For 50 yuan (about 295 rubles) will be interesting to look into this bizarre Museum Shanghai Museum of music boxes (425 Dingxiang Lu, Shanghai Oriental Arts Center, near Yingchun Lu, Metro Line 2 Science and Technology Museum Station, Shanghai, China), which It opens daily from 10:00 am until 17:00 pm. Tourists know that for a long time, these music boxes were only for the aristocrats – wealthy parents gave children strange boxes and fans – her lover. The high price of such souvenirs due to the complexity of manufacturing boxes. In addition, music boxes made of only the most expensive types of wood, inlaid with precious stones and painted by hand. Over time, the shape, size and design of these boxes has changed so much that some of them are very difficult to call box. They are a fantastic figure, sculptural groups and composition. One of the most valuable exhibits of the museum in Shanghai is a gilded music box, manufactured in the late eighteenth century. The amazing thing is that it works to this day.
No less interesting and the Museum of Glass (Building 8, 685 Changjiang West Road, Baoshan, Shanghai, China), which recently opened in Shanghai on the territory of the glass factory. It is worth noting that the building of the former production area of ​​more than six thousand square meters especially not to restore, so here tourists can feel indescribable spirit factory, which surprisingly combined with modern technological design. In total, the museum created four separate sections, which represent the different stages of the manufacture of glass and glass products of this material. In the first section, you can learn about all the stages of manufacture of glass and look at how the glass blowers. The second section of the Museum illustrates the history of glass glass production in China, the third section tells visitors about the role of glass in the world today. In the fourth section, you can see objects made of glass, fabricated glass blowers from different parts of the world. Museum of the stack in Shanghai is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 09-30 to 17-00. On Saturdays it is held extended evening tours that start at 16-30 and 21-00 before the last. In addition to these museums in Shanghai and you can visit such amazing exhibition halls as Postal Museum, the Museum of the dairy industry, and even the Museum of Calligraphy Museum of Shanghai Bank.

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