Where better to relax in China

China – a huge country and in order to know where to rest in China, you need to understand where and what time of year to travel.
Vacation in spring or autumn in China – the perfect time for sightseeing, visiting temples, theaters and other cultural and architectural attractions. Topping the list of most visited tourist destinations the country’s capital city of Beijing.

Here you are able to visit the imperial residence of the “Forbidden City”, where for 500 years could not come no one but the emperor, his family and entourage. Rate scale and scope, you can on one of the largest squares in the world Tian An Men, and the ancient Temple of Heaven will surprise you with its size and the richness of interior decoration.
The main attractions of Hong Kong – many places where you can have fun. Shops, boutiques, supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, clubs, cafes, bistros and other establishments in the city with their bright signs beckon invitingly and lights.
Special attention is given “Roof of the World” Tibet. There bought some tours and travel, not only for the pleasant sensations, but also for the deep meditation, self-knowledge and communication with the monks.
If you are interested in shopping – Shanghai better place in all of China could not be found! Huge shopping malls, hundreds of thousands of SKUs, the most attractive prices, sales and stocks – the main attractions of Hong Kong. In this city, you can find almost any product!
Best beach vacation in China can be found on the island of Hainan. The sandy beaches, clean air (it is the second largest in the world after Havana, where the air is crystal clear), marvelous sea – what more needs to be happy ?! Island of Hawaii is called the second, because it is located on the same latitude, and has all the charm of a beach holiday as the famous Hawaii. And in between relax on the beach and swim in the sea, you can go on excursions or to meet with the locals.
Not so long ago became popular recreational tours in China. Traditional medicine of the country has its roots in antiquity.Up to now carefully preserved and passed on recipes and unique methods of treatment. One of the most popular resorts is the city of Dalian. Experienced professionals and a combination of ancient and modern knowledge and techniques is sure to give a positive outcome of the treatment and bring relief from ailments.
The Many Faces of China is beautiful in any season, come and enjoy!

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