Shopping in Manchuria

China Manzhouli is a small border town, which is a major center trade. Today, Manzhouli is an amazing symbiosis of Asia and Europe, is talking about even the local architecture – stricter building in a restrained European style decorated with colorful Chinese lanterns.

More recently, the city was a small poor little village, but she miraculously was able to transform and become a modern city that attracts, first of all, shoppers.

Why go to Manchuria?

For more than two decades, from 1992, the city of Manzhouli is an area of ‚Äč‚Äčopen trade, where many residents regularly flock. And if in the late ’90s one could see one-story shacks and dilapidated houses, today the city is surprising for its skyscrapers and modern shopping malls. Especially for tourists was built north of the city, where the lion’s share of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and hotels. Especially beautiful this part of town at night in the glow of neon signs, illumination and spotlights. In this city, there are no special attractions, but there are more than a thousand stores and retail shops. That is why the majority of tourists come here to shop in the so-called shopping tours.Especially pleasant shopping does what most sellers passable express themselves, and to pay in shops and markets can be in rubles.
Many shopping in China is associated with low-quality consumer goods, and it is undeniable that it has no relation to the truth. In Manchuria there are many markets where they sell things, the quality of which is as low as the price. However, there are also high-quality products at relatively high prices for China, but by standards, these purchases are obtained very favorable. One of the most popular places for shopping in Manchuria is the market “New Age”. On the lower floors of the most sold the cheapest goods of dubious quality, and higher than the floor, the higher the price and quality of goods. I beg all to find a good thing among the cheapest, it is found among the buyers of wholesale buyers and see what they are buying.
We should say about fur coats sold in Manchuria, for which organized here even notorious fur-tours. There is a huge selection of different fur products for good price. The average price of fur coats in Manchuria is equivalent to the cost of a winter coat. Cheapest product you can not buy in the shops and factories, where they sew directly. The only problem is to find a guide on the factory.
Another great product that is sold everywhere, are blind. They are an infinite number of all colors, shades, textures and sizes. Even if such a purchase is not included in the plans, then in any case before the trip to Manchuria should take your measurements with the home curtains, as there is a chance that the front and a variety of cheap curtains on the shelves you can not resist. As for computers, phones, various gadgets and appliances, its in Manchuria better not to buy, because the quality leaves much to be desired, but the choice is not particularly pleased with the variety.
Those who come to Manchuria in the summer, will also run an interesting variety of shopping stroll through the park with singing fountain and listen to ancient Russian music. In the same park houses the largest worldwide matryoshka. She even brought in the Guinness Book of Records. Winter in Manchuria autumn beautifully decorated streets in anticipation of the New Year and put enormous living tree outside the hotel “Manchuria”.

Travel Tips

Before the trip to Manchuria tourists should understand some of the things that will make the trip more enjoyable and help you avoid unpleasant surprises. Firstly, for the first time in Manchuria should not go alone, but through a travel agency in order to avoid difficulties with customs clearance. Secondly, in Manchuria should be afraid of the so-called “help” – helpers who will drive tourists around the city and show the most interesting places for shopping. Needless to pick up business cards of helpers or something to ask them, because it means that the tourist agreed for their services, which are estimated at an average of 100 yuan (about 588 rubles) per day. However, the basic income obtained from these conductors sellers to which they lead tourists shopping.
The following advice applies to street vendors. They strongly suggest to buy their product, but do not be, because all of their things are bought at the nearby markets and shops, and sell them, of course, many times more expensive. Also, prices traditionally inflate and shops located near the hotel. For bargain advantageous to go away from the tourist spots.Heading into the city for shopping, it is best to take a sample list of what to buy in the first place, because of the huge range of unprepared tourists usually look first, which is fraught with the purchase of a lot of unnecessary things, especially when persistence of local traders. Along with a list in her purse and worth putting a calculator or in extreme cases, to use the device on a mobile phone – it will help in the process of trade and insure against fraud.
It is worth remembering that, in Manchuria, as well as in the rest of China, it is necessary persistently and skillfully negotiate, as is usually called the price above the real three – four times. And there should not be traded only in markets, but even in shopping malls and stores. This process also has its own quirks and tricks – Seasoned travelers are advised not to show the seller that any thing particularly liked – in which case it would not reduce the price. Better to pretend that the product liked, but not enough to buy it for the original price. Finally, the subtleties of shopping experts in China are advised to dress in the markets and shops are simpler, and not flaunt branded clothes and cashmere coat. Often sellers call prices, focusing on the appearance of the buyer, so different people a jacket can be sold.

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