Temple of Heaven today

Today, Beijing Temple of Heaven is not a historical, cultural and religious monuments, and large complex of temple buildings, imperial gardens and other buildings – Bridge Danby, gazebos and other longevity. Now the total area of ​​the complex will amount to more than three kilometers and quadrant enclosed by two thick walls.

To get to the complex tourists can through the northern, western and eastern gates, and key structures are considered victims of prayer hall, built entirely of wood, marble Altar of Heaven and Hall Firmament of brick and marble. To get from one building to another, visitors can Danby on the Bridge – the road longer than 350 meters and a width of approximately 30 meters.This road rises gently from south to north, symbolizing the gradual ascent to heaven from earth. This path is called the bridge because of the passing underneath a small tunnel. The road between buildings is traditionally divided into three parts – the center was meant for the gods, for the rulers of the eastern and western – for the imperial retinue.
One of the most popular tourist places are part of the complex with unusual sound effects. For example, the Altar of Heaven in the southern part of the church has an unusual site. Prayers are offered up even a whisper here, thanks to the special design of buildings amplified several times and made a truly impressive effect. The second building is a pavilion-like vault of heaven, which is surrounded by a six-meter wall. On the way to the pavilion visitors will see the rocks, near which you can hear the single, double and triple echo. If a distance of a hundred meters say something whispered in the direction of the stones and walls, the words are also well visible, as if a man says the source directly to the ear.
In addition to these attractions in the Temple of Heaven has a special room, where the emperors were preparing prayers, there are two special building constructed for the storage of religious and ritual objects and musical instruments. Slightly away Huantsyunyuy is a temple in which there are plaques with the names of all the rulers of the Middle Kingdom.However, not all the rooms of the Temple of Heaven open access – some can be visited only from the outside and / or taking pictures through the fence.
Great importance was given to the construction of the Temple of Heaven and the adjacent park, which is a magnificent example of landscape design. Earlier in the park have access only to the emperor and his family, and today it can walk on all comers. Especially crowded in the park in the mornings when the locals come under the vaults spreading evergreen pines and cypresses, to aerobics, morning exercises and different kinds of martial arts. Here you can also see the dancing of Chinese Qigong involved and, of course, singing. Day in the park receives many Chinese seniors and young people, who do not need to rush to work or study – they are playing chess, dance and have fun in every way.Walking through this park will be a great way to learn a bit about the leisure of Beijing residents.

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