Silk Road, tea and calligraphy

Unusual museum is famous not only Shanghai, but also a number of other cities in China. We can not say on the Silk Road Museum (117, Xiongguan road, Jiuquan city, Gansu province, China) in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. In this museum to admire the merchant ship “Nanhai 1 ‘, which sank off the coast of China about 800 years ago.

The museum, created especially for the ship can be seen today as various historical documents, cultural monuments, and photographs that tell of underwater studies conducted in China and the results of those studies.Needless wreck is now a special “Crystal Palace” at a depth of twelve meters, and to this exhibit could get a better look at the “palace” built long underwater corridors. The vessel, exhibited in this museum dates back to the Southern Song Dynasty (approximately 12 – 13 century). It was discovered in 1987, the service lift sunken ships. After investigations carried out from the bottom of the sea was raised over two hundred valuable cultural relics, including porcelain and gold items. As they say archaeologists today “Nanhai 1” is more than 70 000 items of historical and cultural value.
No less impressive looks and exposition of the Museum of tea, which could not exist in China. Tea Museum opened in 2010, the year the city MejTan, located in the hills. Instantly, this city has become famous throughout the world as Museum of Tea has been recognized as the greatest and most original museum this profile. The museum even got into the Guinness Book of Records. This museum can not be overlooked, since its main building was constructed in a large kettle, and a number of smaller size is building a cup of tea. Location is also not chosen by chance, since it is considered the birthplace of the city MejTan famous green tea, where he appeared more than 6 000 years ago.
Over the years, the Chinese have been able to bring more than six hundred different kinds of tea and tea traditions have become a national ritual. The traditional Chinese tea can be divided into five types – green, which is considered the most valuable, black, brick, Black Dragon tea and flavored tea. The most delicious, exquisite and expensive teas are considered such as tea and bilochunsky luntszinsky. All this to tell visitors of the Museum of tea Meytane. In addition to the museum, a huge brick “teapot” is a small hotel, whose windows offer stunning views of the city and its surroundings.Also in the building of the museum has art shop, restaurant, dance floor, while the upper floor is occupied by a survey platform, where the traditional tea ceremony. Museum of Tea can be visited every day except Monday from 08-30 up to 16-30. The museum is open without interruption.
Another feature of China, without which it is impossible to imagine – is the Chinese writing system, namely characters.Character Museum also exists in China in the city of Anyang. Place the opening of the museum was also not chosen by chance, as it was in the province were found the earliest Chinese writing monuments dating back 4000 – 5000 years. The building itself is made in the post-modernist style combines traditional architectural features with modern trends. The first building of the Museum of characters consists of a main hall and a symbolic arch used for presentations, exhibitions and installations. It is this unusual arch in the form of character for character, and is a visiting card museum. On the territory of the second building of the museum is a research center, information center and the main exhibition halls. In the museum visitors learn the history of Chinese writing at different times, as well as look for unusual oracle bones, which devoted a whole room. A separate room in the museum allotted under the ancient inscriptions on bronze, wood and bamboo, jade and clay tablets found in more ancient times. The third hall of the museum tells the story of the unification of the modern characters, as well as the current stage of development of Chinese writing. Character Museum is open daily except Monday from 09-00 to 18-00.

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