The history of construction of the Great Chinese country

As the official sources, the Great Wall of China began to build in ancient times – in the 220th years of our era. Then the emperor Qin Shi Huang-ti ordered to start the construction of the monumental walls to protect the Middle Kingdom from nomad raids from the north-west.

The wall was built hundreds of years, and the construction stopped only after China established the Qing Dynasty. One of the many interesting facts about this great monument is that during installation of giant blocks of stone wall as a binder used glutinous rice porridge mixed with slaked lime. Also known is the fact that during the construction of the wall, it was called the longest cemetery in the world, because of the exemplary calculations during its construction, killing about one million people.
In order to enter the territory of China, it was necessary to overcome the checkpoints wall, which is closed at night and does not open until the morning under any circumstances. They say that even the emperor himself once had to wait in the morning to get to the territory of the state. Today, tourists visiting China can see the wall in the same form that it was many years ago. The height of the Great Wall of China in various areas ranging from six to ten meters and the width – from five and a half to six and a half meters.

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