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Of all the cities biggest impression, of course, Beijing. Or, as it is called foreigners Beydzin. After I visited there, it is easy to understand by Quentin Tarantino, who came here to shoot his film “Kill Bill”, but could not leave. I bought a flat in Beijing and is rumored to eventually plans to completely move to China.

City shocked me with its monumentality. I expected to see the crowd scurrying somewhere with crazy eyes of the Chinese, a crush on the streets, traffic jams. But nothing like that. A stream of people was moving smoothly and without hysterical turmoil, as in Moscow.

The architecture is connected to two main directions: east and west. The first is represented by pagodas, with easily recognizable upturned roofs and binding dragons as a design element. Second – skyscrapers that are not obstruct the space.

All who come to Beijing for the first time, begin to explore the city’s famous Tiananmen Square – Square of Heavenly Peace. She – the biggest in the world, holds one million people! There is always crowded – not only because of the foreign tourists, but also for the Chinese residents of distant provinces who come to certainly take a picture at the mausoleum of Mao Zedong. Both adults and children in the area of ​​fly kites. Here you can buy, and his snake – in the form of a shark, butterfly or other monsters.

On the square I noticed melenko child – 3-4 years, which was behind the pants ass hole bare windswept. I was thinking that this oversight parents. But then I saw a few kids with the same strange cut of pants. It turned out that cheap Chinese do not like to spend money on diapers. He wanted the child to the bathroom, I sat down – and voila!

In the morning, at six o’clock, the Chinese come to the area and engaged group of Taijiquan – melancholic charging, the meaning of which is flaccid hands and the passes cautious step over from side to side.

Not far from the mausoleum of Mao is the entrance to the Forbidden City – a huge complex of buildings of the palace where lived the great emperors of the Qing Dynasty and the Ming. Hundreds of pagodas, thousands of yards – a spectacle is striking in its scale. Earlier mere mortals were forbidden to come here, and now it is possible – just 10 yuan (27 rubles).

Coming out of the Forbidden City, you find yourself in a beautiful park Beihai (North Sea Park), where sovereigns rested indulging apparently thought the fatherland. Needless to say – the Chinese know a lot about landscape architecture. Half of the area is occupied by a lake, around which grow the crazy beauty weeping willows. This park love couples in love and kalligrafisty. The first – because there quietly allowed to kiss on the benches, the second – because you can draw water directly characters on the pavement.

From the park you can walk to the famous Temple of Heaven. It is now China is probably the most unbelieving country in the world (95% of atheists). And before they believed in heaven and the other deities. The road to the temple – is a test. Approximately half an hour to go through a narrow stone path. It was very instructive when I was gasping and wheezing, the last stage of recovery has overtaken China wizened old woman who overcame the way easily.

At the temple there is a wall in a whisper. It is a semi-circular shape, and it allows you to hear the other party, even if it costs a hundred meters from you and mutters something under his breath. The Chinese love to be entertained for hours while standing against a wall at a distance from each other and talking.

Less discoveries waiting for me in Shanghai. Maybe because it is very much a modern, maybe because I stayed there for long. Once is not called at different times of the city and the “Paris of the East” and “Whore of China” … It is a city of adventurers, players, sailors, merchants, opium and opium addicts, the city child prostitution and slave child labor, the city of Socialists, Communists and revolutionaries , the birthplace of the Communist Party of China, the cradle of the Revolution and the birthplace of the Shanghai Commune. There live 6.5 million people – the population density is among the highest in the world. There are a huge number of skyscrapers. And they, unlike Beijing, under pressure. Luxurious building easily coexist with old buildings, from which all sides pull the rope strung with them clothes. Then do not be ashamed to hang over the parade old faded pants and leggings.

In the center of the city – very wide asphalt space People’s Square. It organized marches and demonstrations. In 1969, on an area of ​​2.5 million people gathered to protest against the Soviet Union. And now walking peacefully feeding pigeons.

On the streets you can see how the young yuppies and informal. During the walk I had a chance to meet real Chinese punks. They had a rather moth species, in spite of the traditional ezhisty Haier, jackets with spikes, grinders and guitar behind. Themselves – lean and well-groomed. When they tried to make something out of “Sex Pistols” in front of the department store, I wanted to come and feed them a hot meal.

Walking in Shanghai is necessary. Better – on Nanjing Lu, the main street. Bright windows, neon signs everywhere.And shops, shops, shops. Nanjing Lu brings to the waterfront of the Huangpu River. Once in colonial times here at the entrance hung the famous sign: “Chinese and dogs not admitted.” Today, there roam the crowd of Chinese and foreigners, admiring views of the night gang.

Rotten eggs and duck skins

About Chinese often joke that they consume as food anything that flies, except airplanes, everything that moves on land, in addition to the tractor and all that swims in the water, in addition to the submarine.

Chinese chefs profess principles of the culinary arts, which developed five thousand years ago. They love unexpected combinations of products: meat, sugar and fruits, seaweed – with nuts, flower petals – with hot pepper, sea urchins – spice. In order to weld the broth, for example, can take both beef, poultry and fish.

In China, there are about 14 culinary schools, the most famous of which – Shandong, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and Guangdong. Last – the most “extreme”. It uses a snake, field mouse, wild cats, dogs, seals, crocodiles, bear paws, monkey brains, bird language. The technology of some dishes simply savage. When cooking meals, “Fried carp from Lake Kunming” scraping scales, cutting, frying and serving take just four minutes. When the fish is served on the table, it still opens his mouth and gills move for thirty minutes. This agony continues even when the fish are eaten to the bone. The secret of this vitality that the head of the fish is not fried and the central nervous system is maintained. In general, “Greenpeace” resting.

“Queen of the Chinese table” – Peking duck. Instead, ducks, however, bring the duck skin, which tourists are surprised. But if you go to the fish restaurant, here it is difficult to make a mistake: all swim in an aquarium. The approach you choose – and ten minutes later you already have a dish. I, however, was hard to accept the fact that he chose a fish kill in my eyes shoe, making her insides are scattered around the restaurant.

Even the Chinese adore rotten duck eggs. To make such an egg, it must be kept in lime 30 days! Yolk his black and indescribable taste. Protein – like rubber, almost transparent in appearance.

The restaurant is below average and the Chinese “middle level and below” behave perfectly, from a European perspective, like a pig: blow your nose and spit on the floor, to take off the cloth, bones and scraps, yelling all the room, especially when drink. By the way, expectorant, and they on the streets – loudly, wiping her nose and mouth.Even women.

The Chinese like to enclose each other in a plate meal. And when bring the account between them erupted serious dispute: who will pay. Everyone tries to do it for everyone to prove their privileged position. Our compatriots happy to go to restaurants with Chinese …

Observations of the behavior

Chinese – people are very flashy. Their guttural voices – one of a kind. Once in the US there was a funny story. Two people from Guangdong were peaceful conversation, but passing by the Americans thought they were about to razderutsya, and called the police. The police demanded an explanation, but the two companion replied that talking “whisper”.

Why do they cry? The Chinese believed that the stronger and more his voice, his look more convincing arguments.

In a country with a population of nearly 1.3 billion people regularly engaged in sports more than a quarter of the population. Mass physical education covers all educational institutions, enterprises and institutions of the village, a division of People’s Liberation Army of China, the elderly and the disabled. Chinese habit of doing group exercises is known to the whole world. And, they do it at different times of the day. Many involved in the groups and the music, but there are individuals. There are athletes with sticks. They brandish them in the manner of Shaolin monks in the streets.

Very often you can see people walking backwards. Perhaps this is an exercise for the development of the vestibular apparatus. In every city there are patios equipped with missiles for shaping available for everyone who wants to, free of charge. Old men dashing fill up on foot tall railings, and sometimes sit on the twine. And as millions of Chinese every day pedal bike on the way to work and back, legs are inflated.

Against the backdrop of the craze for sports, a lot of Chinese people smoke and drink. Vodka and cigarettes are sold everywhere, although the quality of their awful. China has 320 million smokers, of which 20 million – are women.Hence the large number of “nicotinic deaths.” But no one surrenders addiction on the streets – the Chinese prefer to do it in a relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant or bar.

Overall, I am satisfied with my journey. Maybe I saw this country not with the romantic and the glossy side, but, in any case, impressions and memories left a lot of the trip.

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