Land and Simatai Dzhinshanlin


In addition to the most popular areas of the Great Wall of China – Badaling and Mutyanyu, there are two more two areas where you can see the main attraction of the Chinese. District Simatai located 110 kilometers northeast of Beijing.

To look at the almost five-kilometer section of the wall, you need to pay 30 yuan (about 175 rubles), and the entrance is open daily from 08-00 to 17-00. In order to climb the wall, a portion of which is located on the mountainous terrain, and have to travel by cable car (the cost of a return ticket – 50 yuan / 295 rubles). You can get here by taxi or by bus or independently from the stop Dongzhimen. The Simatai buses number 970 and № 980. The first one begins to walk to in the morning and 05-40 to 18-30, and the second from 05-50 up to 19-00. On the tour bus to travel to the last stop, where they will wait for the minibus that takes to climb the wall.

Visitors to Simatai very little, since the conquest of the Great Wall of China in this area is required even more stamina. Wall is coming down the cliff and rises along the mountain ranges. The minimum distance between the 35 watchtowers are located reaches forty meters. The most beautiful and the most popular for visiting is the main tower. It is decorated with carvings depicting various creatures from mythology of China. It will also be interesting to look at the Tower of Beijing, which is considered to be the highest of the towers. Up to one kilometer in height it lacks only a few meters.

The views from the tower, it is difficult to describe in words – the whole neighborhood a few kilometers around are tourists at a glance, and photos taken here will be the most spectacular of all the journey to China. When you visit this area of ​​the Great Wall of China in Simatai will be particularly interesting to see another two attractions. The first is the heavenly bridge which narrows at its top to thirty centimeters. Watching him, it is difficult to imagine how the Chinese soldiers overcame him at the time. The second attraction is the heavenly ladder, the angle of ascent which reaches 85 degrees. In addition, it is very narrow and there are no parapet. View these facilities can only near as climb them very dangerous and visitors were not allowed for security reasons.


One of the least restored sections of the Great Wall of China, which today can see the tourists is a site 130 kilometers west of Beijing, known as Dzhinshanlin. Visit it can be 40 yuan (about 235 rubles) from mid-November to March. The rest of the time the ticket is more expensive – 50 yuan (about 295 rubles). A trip by cable car to the wall is 50 yuan (about 295 rubles) at any time. This section of the wall stretches nearly eleven kilometers away, where you can see 24 watchtowers. All towers have different shapes, and further surrounded by a high, almost three-meter walls, in the event of a military attack soldiers could continue to fight, even if the enemy will take on the wall. One interesting meth in this area is the tower Houdini. In its walls you can see the bricks that were signed hieroglyph date of manufacture of bricks and each unit of an aria, which is building a section of the wall. Get to Dzhinshanlina by bus, traveling to Simatai, – № 970 and № 980, but at the last stop will need to transfer to a vehicle, in the next Dzhinshanlin. Those tourists who are willing to get up early, can go here and train № 6453. It departs from the North Railway Station of Beijing every day 06-38. Should go to the station Gubeikou, from which little’ll take the bus to the wall.


In addition to the traditional ways of visiting the Great Wall of China with a guided tour or on your own, getting here by bus, taxi and train, you can get to the wall and broke away from the group of tourists. Some travel agencies in Beijing offer an unusual day trips on the wall. The highlight of these trips is that the trip will take place on comfortable motorcycle with a sidecar on the most remote and scenic parts of the walls, which do not lead guided tours. The road will pass through small villages where you can stop for a snack and enjoy the flavor of the China. Are such tours of 2 000 yuan per person.

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