Where to rest in China

Ancient history and civilization, is not here to hit every tourist dreams, where you can touch the sky, going to the mountains Ulinyuan where the shooting took place the famous film “Avatar.” The mysterious and unshakable China attracts travelers from around the world for centuries.

Choosing from a variety of cities, where the rest of China, it is difficult to give preference to one of them. Huge Beijing with skyscrapers and the Imperial Palace, a modern Shanghaiwith its amazing tours of the haunts of vice and a lot of markets and bazaars. For each come to rest in China, this country will be the opening, here joined Buddhism and Hinduism, which became one of the major religions of the country.
Lovers of the exotic and mysterious of all will be able to choose the tours in Lhasa – the capital of Tibet, where among the many temples and pagodas can be seen this Buddhist monks, and if you’re lucky, and the Dalai Lama. For those who choose where to go for a vacation in China over the sea, are ideal resorts of Hainan Island, which is renowned for its warm tropical climate and beautiful beaches. Depending on the season changes and the price of accommodation in hotels that offer comfortable rooms for accommodation.
Many trips include not only sightseeing, and shopping, as in China, you can buy different souvenirs and crafts, as well as buy clothes and shoes at bargain prices. Given the characteristics of the region, it is worth considering that the choice of relaxing in China in the winter – not the best solution. But it is better to clarify the details of the operator, which will offer, where there is a break in China at the selected time. Major cities in the country will be a real discovery, plenty of people and cars baffles even seasoned travelers and residents of the capital. But it is worth to come here and will want to come back one day to explore all the interesting places of the country.

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