What to bring from China

Going to the Far Eastern countries, we think – what to bring from China, because you want to bring a gift close-quality souvenirs and household items. Let’s try to figure it out in advance.

Tea. Of course, what kind of China without the fragrant tea in beautiful china cups, lead the Chinese people great connoisseurs of the drink and the tea ceremony. And there is a rich assortment of different teas. For example white tea, collected on the tops of the mountains, has a bitter taste, but leaves a sweet aftertaste. Black tea is rolled up manually and can be brewed several times, as well it add dates, milk or wine and drink after a meal to aid digestion. Yellow tea before eating accepted first sniff. Jasmine tea when brewed as a flower blossoms, filling drink its flavor. It is safe to say that the Chinese tea – is the best gift, which was brought from China, though it is quite a cheap souvenir.
Porcelain. In addition to cups of tea in China produced a lot of porcelain – jugs, cups, statuettes, vases, plates and more.All products are painted with traditional patterns, mainly dragons and decorated with gold leaf.
Alcohol. Produced in China and various alcohol, mostly beer, vodka, grape wine and medicinal vodka. Each product is necessarily a lover among the many tourists.
Figurines. For the manufacture of figurines used different materials, but the most prized jade statues, and it is best to buy the Jade Buddha, or even a whole pantheon of gods jade. And you can buy a figurine of a dragon. Give such gifts to the wishes of good luck, material welfare and other benefits.
Pearls. As China takes 90% of world exports of the stone, it is successfully will buy it right here, compared to other countries, it can be bought quite cheaply.
Silk. Since ancient times, China is famous for its silk products and embroidery on it, so you can buy clothes and home furnishings with embroidered dragons, characters, landscapes or tigers.
Let all the gifts brought from China, like your family.

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