What to see in China

China – a huge country with a million people, the unique history, ancient traditions and unique nature. What to see in China to remember the country permanently?

Visit the capital of the country, you will certainly need to see the Great Wall, which was built for defensive purposes, and still surprised by its size and grandeur. Visit the Temple of Heaven (or Temple of Harvest) – temple-monastery complex, the main building which has a circular shape. Take a few hours of your time on a trip to the Beijing opera. Its name is misleading, because in addition to vocal concerts here demonstrate pantomime, acrobatics and dancing. Surely you inspire costumes and incredible acrobatics actors of this unusual theater! You can feel the greatness of the emperors by visiting the Valley of the Tombs, where the statues of people and animals safe guarding rest 13 emperors of China.
Similar to the Valley of the Tombs and the Terracotta Army in Xi’an. Unique attractions is the fact that more than 2000 years and eight thousand Terracotta Army figures were underground, protecting thus the tomb of the emperor.
Great Shanghai impress you and Jade Buddha Temple, and a huge entertainment center called “Gate of hundreds of joy.” Relax and meditate, you can in the “Garden of Joy” (Yu Garden) and the old town, and enjoy socializing with our smaller brethren – in a huge aquarium. Well, of course – we recommend a stroll through the night Shanghai, visit the TV tower “Oriental Pearl” and see the city from a height.
A piece of Italy you will find in the city of Suzhou. Then there are similarities with the Venetian canals, and similar to the Leaning leaning pagoda “Temple Cloud rocks.” Be sure to make a tour and see the work of local artists, as city school art embroidery silk is famous all over the world.
Hong Kong has long been dominated by England, so the European spirit is felt more strongly here than in other cities in China. The most famous landmark of Hong Kong – Victoria Peak – the “tip” of the city, an observation deck, which offers magnificent views. By nightfall, we recommend to watch the light show at the Alley of stars, and in the morning – go to the beach Repulse Bay.
In China it impresses with its size – small villages, bridges and houses are next to a huge metropolis, grand castles and temples. We want you to learn from this vast country a piece of joy and satisfaction from the trip!

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